BABYMETAL is awarded on AMD's "Digital Contents of the Year 2016"

The Association of Media Digital of digitial contents in Japan have announced the artists awarded in the AMD "Digital Contents of the Year 2016". BABYMETAL was announced as one of the winners, and also their choreographer Mikiko Mizuno is one of the winners! Find more details below. 


BABYMETAL & Mikiko awarded on AMD's Digital Contents of the Year 2016!

The AMD announced the award winners of Digital Contents of 2016 to recognize artists and authors in charge of excellent digital contents. BABYMETAL is one of the winners of the year along with their choreographer Mikiko Mizuno who was in charge of the Tokyo 2020 introduction during the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil. Also other contents were awarded as follows: Garigari kun TVCM "Prince Increase", Anime Movie "Your Name", Anime Movie "In this corner of the world", Godzilla, Play Station VR, Pico Taro's PPAP, Pokemon GO, Anime "Yuri!!!", The Rio Olympics "Warming Up" Tokyo 2020 Ceremony (Directed by Mikiko Mizuno) and "Hanakura Senbonzakura". 


Among the winners the Association of Media Digital will announce the "Excellence Award" of 2016 on March 13, 2017. 


AMD Digital Contents of the Year 2016 - 

Garigari kun TVCM "Prince Increase"

"Your Name", Anime

"In this corner of the world", Anime

Godzilla, Movie

Play Station VR

Pico Taro's "PPAP"

"Yuri!!!", Anime

BABYMETAL, Amuse Corporation. 

Pokemon GO, Video Game

The Rio Olympics "Warming Up Tokyo 2020 Ceremony (Directed by Mikiko Mizuno)

"Hankura Senbonzakura", Anime

"Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu", TV Drama




Information via: Internet Watch

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