BABYMETAL "Live At Tokyo Dome" World Premiere + "BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour" announced

BABYMETAL decided the World Premiere for the latest Live Video work for "Live At Tokyo Dome" plus announced "BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour", 15 Works to trace their career from their beginnings to "Live At Wembley". Find more details below. 


BABYMETAL "Live At Tokyo Dome" Premiere + BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour decided!

BABYMETAL announced a premiere of "Live At Tokyo Dome, Red Night & Black Night" to be screened at 18 movie theaters nationwide in Japan on April 11 at 19:00 Japanese Time. 


In addition, also announced the "BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour" set to start on April 1 (Saturday) which will be screening 15 Works to trace the trajectory from their Debut to Wembley Arena performances in cinemas of the 5 national major cities. 


BABYMETAL Live At Tokyo Dome Screening Lineup: 

Legend Metal Resistance Red Night, 87 Minutes

Legend Metal Resistance Black Night, 82 Minutes

Screening date: April 11, 2017 (Tuesday) at 19:00 Japanese Time

Ticket price: 3.600 Yen (Tax Included)


BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour, Metal Resistance Apocalypse Screening Lineup

01-Legend I 2012.10.06 at Shibuya O-East (52 Minutes)

02-Legend D Su-Metal Seitansai 2012.12.20 at Akasaka Blitz (61 minutes)

03-Legend Z 2013.02.01 at Zepp Tokyo (66 minutes) 

04-Legend 1999 Yuimetal & Moametal Seitansai 2013.06.30 at NHK Hall (82 minutes)

05-Legend 1997 Su-Metal Seitansai 2013.12.21 at Makuhari Messe (82 Minutes) 

06-Red Night 2014.03.01 at Nippon Budokan (76 Minutes)

07-Black Night 2014.03.02 at Nippon Budokan (96 Minutes)

08-The Forum 2014.07.07 (75 Minutes)

09-O2 Academy Brixton 2014.11.08 (89 Minutes)

10-Legend 2015 2015.01.10 at Saitama Super Arena (95 Minutes)

11-The Black Mass 2015.04.23 (53 Minutes)

12-The Red Mass 2015.04.24 (59 Minutes)

13-Kyodai Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai 2015.06.21 at Makuhari Messe (88 Minutes)

14-The Final Chapter Of Trilogy Act II 2015.12.13 at Yokohama Arena (95 Minutes)

15-Live At Wembley 2016.04.02 (105 Minutes) 


The 15 Works will be screened in combination. 


Screening Dates and Theaters: 

April 1 to April 10 Saturday at Tokyo Shinjuku Piccadilly Vol 1 to 9

April 12 to April 21 at Osaka Namba Parks Cinema Vol 11 to 20

May 8 to May 17 at Nagoya Midland Square Cinema Vol 21 to 30 

May 20 to May 29 at Fukuoka United Cinema Canal City Vol 31 to 40

June 3 to June 12 at Sapporo United Cinema Sapporo Vol 41 to 50 


Tickets: From 2.200 Yen to 4.500 Yen (Tax Included)

THE ONE Members have early access to Tickets starting on March 8, 2017 at 12:00 to March 10 at 12:00 Japanese Time. 


For more details please visit: 

THE ONE Members Project, Live Viewing Japan & BABYMETAL Website

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