Miku Kobato talk about BAND-MAID as "Second BABYMETAL" on Excite

BAND-MAID's leader Miku Kobato talk about her band as "Second BABYMETAL" on Excite. Excite article compares both bands and ask her about her impressions of being called "Second BABYMETAL". Summary translated below. 


Miku Kobato: "Masters and Princesses who love BABYMETAL cheer us in the same way"

Entered in the 15th Place in the UK Chart, also served as support act of Lady Gaga. Last year, the beautiful teenage girl band "BABYMETAL" was breaking overseas. Following these girls, the maid cosplay five people group "BAND-MAID" got attention from overseas. 


BAND-MAID was formed in 2013 with focus in the vocal and guitar Miku Kobato (Age is private). "I worked in a maid cafe in Akihabara for three years and came to Tokyo from Kumamoto." 


"I found the guitarist Kanami on a videos site. I got in touch, she brought drummer Akane and Misa bassist, then Saiki joined and became vocalist." 


In the lives the fans are called "Masters" and "Princesses". "The concept of the band is cute maids playing hard rock, even during serving."


"Thrill" was released in August 2014 when they were accepted in the world. The number of plays in music videos topped 4 Million in Youtube. 


The audience changes totally depending of the country. In Mexican one-man were over 1000 Masters and 1000 Princesses, they cheered "Band Maid, Band Maid!". Even in Japanese, "Subarashii", or "Kawaii", the excitement was incredible.


In Japan participated in "The Classic Rock Awards 2016" held on November 11 last year. In conjunction with three of the biggest guitarists of the world Eric Calpton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, they won "Japan Next Generation Award". 


Already, they are called as "Second BABYMETAL" abroad. "We are not aware of this. In overseas many Masters and Princesses who love BABYMETAL cheer us in the same way."


It seems to be certain that their fans are steadily increasing all over the world. 




Article by: Excite Japan

Translation: Maik Gianino.

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