Su-Metal interviewed as she is #39 on Kerrang's 50 greatest Rockstars in the world right now!

Su-Metal appears in the cover of the new Kerrang Magazine issue 1658 as she is featured in the new list of "Kerrang's 50 greatest Rockstars in the world right now". Su-Metal appears #39 and also was interviewed by Kerrang to talk about it. Check the content and full transcription below. 


Su-Metal is #39 on Kerrang's greatest Rockstars in the world right now!

Su-Metal, BABYMETAL #39

Last year's position: 13 -


Having only turned 19 in December and fronting what is fast becoming one of the most rabidly-adored bands in the world, Su-Metal's youth has never diminished her rockstar status. In the past 12 months. she was front and centre when BABYMETAL headlined the SSE Arena, Wembley and a triumphant homecoming at the Tokyo Dome, and with second album Metal Resistance tearing up the charts pretty much everywhere, she continues to shine brightly.


How does it feel to be included once more in K's list of 50 greatest rockstars?

Su-Metal: "I would have never thought I would be chosen, so I'm genuinely surprised! It's such a great honour and I feel very blessed! Thank you." 


Most of the people considered true rockstars are a lot of older than you. Does that make you feel special?

S-Metal: "Compared to the true rockstars, I still have lots to learn. But I also think there are things that could only be achieved while I'm young, so I'm treasuring what I'm capable of doing. one thing at a time." 


Does it feel good to influence a generation of young girls?

S-Metal: "I've been hearing that more girls who are around our age are following us and are taking an interest in metal. I feel very happy and honoured to hear this, and hope that they widen their interest to include a lot of different things." 


Who are the greatest Rockstars to you, and why do you look up to them?

Su-Metal: "Metallica. Their aura and everything they do onstage is so brilliant. I always wish that one day I can be as incredible as them!" 




Interview & article by: Kerrang Magazine. 

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Photo by: SentimentalNight

Transcription: Maik Gianino


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