"La Tercera" article to convince producers to bring BABYMETAL to Chile

One of the most popular Newspapers in Chile published an article dedicated to BABYMETAL with the aim to convince producers to bring the band to their country soon. The article summarizes BABYMETAL's concept and milestones. Read the article translated below. 


La Tercera from Chile, article dedicated to BABYMETAL to convince producers

BABYMETAL, the best metal band, Japanese and with choreographies

This is a call for the Japanese group, of the women who play metal rhythms over coordinate dancing, to come to Chile. Please.


What is BABYMETAL, some that don't spend lot of time on Internet may ask, or maybe those not fans of Metal and/or J-Pop. Well, BABYMETAL is not a CD in marimba key for babies about Metal songs, but a band formed in 2010 in Japan as sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin, the members have to have studying Junior High School, when they graduate, other members get in. Nothing odd if we think about Japanese Pop industry, where the most popular band at the moment, AKB48, has 48 stable members and around 200 rotative. 


Suzuka Nakamoto (1997), was part of Sakura Gakuin when at the moment of her graduation was told that she must continue as part of BABYMETAL along with the other two members even younger than her, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi, both born in 1999. 


None of the three have listened Metal music before forming the band, but when they did, the main vocalist now known as Su-Metal said: "Called my attention the speed of the drums and immediatly started to think in making choreographies." Choreographies and Metal together?  It's possible and is one of the things that brought BABYMETAL to success. 


In the last issue of Metal Hammer Su-Metal tells that when she saw Metallica in 2013 stopped considering Metal as something scary, since she "felt the music in her heart". Metallica miracles. 


Their debut album, the homonym BABYMETAL, was the best selling Japanese album in North America in 2014, a year where they toured Europe and United States farming success and some haters. 


BABYMETAL is a band that might be main characters of Perfect Blue, but in place of Anime, are a real band. When they play live are supported by men wearing while emulating skeletons known as Kami Band


BABYMETAL's success around the Anglo-World was increasing and announced a new album for 2016: Metal Resistance. Last year not only was fruitful for them because of the new album also made big hits, like selling out Wembley, their performance was rated by The Guarding with 5 stars over 5, leading to a mini-documentary on the BBC. If the british, inventors of Metal, surrendered to BABYMETAL, maybe is time that Chilenian surrender to them too. 


Also they gained fans and respect of some new Idols, like Metallica or Judas Priest. Last year played with Rob Halford of Judas Priest and in December supported Red Hot Chili Peppers in United Kingdom, this year supported Metallica in South Korea. The circle is complete when you support your Idols isn't it?


BABYMETAL, the first Album of the band, was voted by Metal Hammer readers as Best Album of 21 Century. 


In a country where young people dance K-Pop in public places, and where Metal concerts are sold out always, it's obvious that BABYMETAL is a safe formula. Producers: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?




Article: La Tercera by Elisa Alcalde

Translation: Maik Gianino

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