Sakura Gakuin announce media appearances in February & March 2016

Sakura Gakuin announced media activities in TV, Megazines and Websites during February and March 2016 in order to promote the upcoming release of "Yakusoku" and "The Road To Graduation". Read more below. 


Sakura Gakuin media appearances during February and March 2016

Sakura Gakuin in their official website media appearances in the upcoming weeks to promote the release of their new album "Yakusoku" and "The Road To Graduation 2016" events in March. 


Magazine & Web: 

Youpaper Magazine Vol.61 

Release: Mid-February

Feature: Interview with Sakura Gakuin


CD Jounal Magazine March 2017

Release: February 20

Feature: Intervie with Sakura Gakuin


BRODY Magazine April 2017

Release: February 23

Feature: Interview with Sara kurashima and Megumi Okada


DI:GA March Issue 

Release: March 1

Feature: Interview with Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa

Also available via web on:


Mono Magazine March 2017

Release: March 2

Feature: Interview with Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kurosawa and Aiko Yamaide


VDC Magazine Vol.004

Release: March 3

Feature: Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kurosawa in the Cover + Special

Free distribution magazine


BOMB Magazine April 2017

Release: March 9

Feature: Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kurosaswa, Aiko Yamaide, Momoko Okazaki and Maaya Asou


Gravure The Television Magazine Vol.50

Release: March, date to be decided

Feature: Interview with Sakura Gakuin, Mori Hayashi


TV Appearances:


Broadcast: March 5 (Sunday) at 23:30 Japanese Time 

Feature: Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kuroswa, Momoko Okazaki, Aiko Yamaide and Megumi Okada




Information via: Sakura Gakuin 

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