Aiko Yamaide interviews Sakura Gakuin's tutor Mori-Sensei!

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo Vice President Aiko Yamaide published in 2 separate diaries a very extensive interview with Sakura Gakuin Tutor, Mori-Sensei! Very nice interview to help Fukei-san to learn more about Mori Hayashi including some thoughts from Aiko about Mori's answers! Read both diaries translated below. 


Sakura Gakuin 2016 Vice President Aiko Yamaide interviews Mori-Sensei!

Mori-sensei. Thank you very much for your efforts to give us wonderful scripts that are written with a good consideration of our respective personalities. Thank you for your serious 'Finding Faults' at the review meeting of LoGiRL. I just hope the last year of your 30's be your best ever!This time, I'd like to give a special article on Mori-sensei's birthday. (Laughs) The second interview with Mori-sensei!!


- Fist off, a question from Aiko! Do you know Principal Kuramoto kindly left comments to my diary (and to the comments of Fukei-sans) last year? I remember you said you'd leave comment like Principal Kuramoto...did you make it true?


·Mori: "Oh no! I didn't!! A person with common sense must have left one to Aiko's diary. (Laughs)

So, I hurriedly left a comment now. (Guess on which diary...Hint: I'm writing this at the dressing room for the sword-dancing class)


-- Actually. are you reading our diaries? I can't catch wind of your reading. I sometimes feel we're not on the same page when we talk about something related with our diary.


Mori: "Translation I do!! Once in a while.

In these days, Yamaide is so experienced that your remark on me is very harsh! -- Not so harsh. You deserve it."


-The following are questions from Fukei-sans.-


-- Do you like Hayashi Rice?

(Hayashi Rice = Hashed beef rice.)


Mori: "So-so. I seldom have it on a restaurant. When I was a kid, I looked down (at heart) on someone who gave me a nickname of 'Mori Hayashi-Rice'"


-- It seems you drink at home. What kind of drink do you have?


Mori: "Beer (7 years ago) → Happou-shu (5 years ago) → Lemon Sour (One year ago) → Highball (now)

The last two kind of beverage are said to be good for weight control."


-- Who is the 'IDOL' for Mori-sensei? (except your wife)


Mori: "Uchida Yuki-san.. I've never bought a photobook but Uchida Yuki-san's. When my wife was still a girlfriend of mine, I asked her to make her hairstyle like Uchida Yuki-san's."


--If you're gonna appoint someone to the vice-homeroom-teacher, who will be it?


Mori: "I don't want anyone who can be a threat to my post! If forced, I hope a modest, humble and cute person like Matsuki Fumio-san. (The sword-dancing master who was an instructor at the open class."


-- What do you pay the biggest attention to when you appear on a stage of Sakura Gakuin?


●To be careful of my stubble and nose-hair.

●To make the girls stand out, as well as to enjoy myself! 

●To be ready with some good questions that can make a big laugh with the answers of the girls.


-- What is the subject that is hard to deal with?


Mori: "Waiting time. -- Aiko is OKay with it.

I feel irritated when someone is late at a meeting."


-- How do you spend your holiday?


Mori: "I go to a zoo, an aquarium or a big park with my children! -- Please take Sakura girls as well. lol

I'm very knowledgeable about the good places to visit for kids. (Recently, my daughter is likely to give priority to a meeting with her friends...I'm sad)"


-- If you were reborn as a girl, would you like to join Sakura Gakuin?


Mori: "I'd like to. lol You looks very happy at a concert!

But I know it's not an easy decision. It seems there're a lot of hardship. -- Yes, it's tough to be a Sakura girl. But you can experience wonderful things more than make up for the hardship!!"


-- Who do you think is more kawaii, your daughter or Sakura girls?


Mori: My daughter, naturally. -- Aiko, shitteru, shitteru.

You'll realize when you have a daughter.


-- Is there something you found with your job as a teacher of Sakura Gakuin?


Mori: "I thought that Idol-fans were scary...they might hate a male-MC appearing on a stage of an Idol.

But Fukei-sans are all very gentle and generous. I've been able to be a teacher thanks to such Fukei-sans."


--You once said your favorite Sakura song was 'Kimi ni Todoke'. Now, which is your favorite?

Mori: "After all, I can't help loving 'Magic Melody'. -- Aiko has the same taste with him...ewww"


-- Where do you want to go on a trip? In Japan and abroad please.

Mori: "In Japan, I want to go to Shikoku. I want to go around the several islands that are the site of Setouchi Triennale. As for the overseas travel, I wanna go to the Romantic Road in Germany. (Or, family travel to Hawaii)"


-- What is your hobby? And what is your favorite food?

Mori: "My hobby is to go jogging while listening to music on podcast

I love Abura-soba and a lump of meat...who cares? -- Aboura-soba is good!!"


-- Do you work out?

Mori: "As you can see, I don't. I just jog about 5-7 km once a week."


-- Who is your favorite entertainer?

Mori: "Keiko Horiuchi-san. Yoshida-san of Black Mayonnaise."


--Do you want to have something new on LoGiRL?

Mori: "I want to make it on air what the girls are doing just before the program begins, without telling them!

I want to let Fukei-sans understand how harsh they are to me! -- No thanks!!"


-- Who is the 'Good Girl' in Sakura Gakuin?

Mori: "Definitely Aiko Yamaide-san is. (emotionlessly) -- Is she? You know what is expected. (Laughs)"


--Are you getting along with your wife?

Mori: "'Course we get on great! I always 'Cherish wife the best'. I so often speak out "I love you'! I do dishwashing a lot! -- It's You're great."


-- Do you have Sakura Gakuin merches? Do you use them daily?

Mori: "I use the chopsticks everyday which were gifted at the open class event!

Also, I'm using the 'Invincible' clear-folder Yano Kiyomi-sensei gave me. ←It's said the folder brings me a lot of job! -- Aiko is using the chopsticks, the folder and the cup too!!"


-- Please tell us a good joke of WAGE (WAGE: A comedy group Mori-sensei was in. Disbanded on 2006)

Mori: "Put your both hands on top of your head, pull down hands along your face, while speaking out 'Margarita!' loud."


Mori Sensei, thank you very much for your generously giving answers to a lot of questions.




Interview by: Aiko Yamaide (Diary February 12 - Diary February 14

Translation by: Onji Kobe.

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