Himeka Nakamoto & Nogizaka46 members praise BABYMETAL & Kami Band on Young Guitar March 2017

Himeka Nakamoto and Nogizaka46 members of Nogizaka's sub-unit "Nogidan" are interviewed on Young Guitar Magazine March 2017. They are asked about BABYMETAL, all of them praise the band. Himeka talk Yuimetal, Moametal, Kami Band and about her sister Su-Metal. Read the segment translated below. 


Himaka Nakamoto feature & interview about BABYMETAL on Young Guitar March 2017

By watching BABYMETAL I think it's appropriate to call them artists...

On the contrary, I didn't know much about them at the beginning...

I went to the live show without any previous information and I was overwhelmed, and it was also cute, before I knew it, my body was picking the rhythm.


Kawamura: "Yes. Me too, I knew only recently, but rather than the cute songs, I admire their hardest ones."


Nojo: "That's right, the clip I saw at first was gimme choko from their first album, it was a really hard song with a metal feeling, and after listening for the first time, it was really fierce and I thought I wouldn't be able to remember it, but even if the sound in gimme choko is heavy [it left an impression on me]. The singing voice really comes straight at you, and I loved it in a moment."


Wada: "In my case I saw their pictures at first, so I could feel the gap between the cuteness and the hard sound. What's more the singing is really solid."


Young Guitar: I see. What about Nakamoto san?


Himeka Nakamoto: "The dancing of Yuimetal-chan and Moametal-chan, and their expressions are super cute, so there's also an idol component. And then you have Su-Metal's singing. How can I describe it...

Even though you can't compare her to an idol, she isn't even the stereotypical metal singer, isn't that so?"


Young Guitar: That's true, indeed.


Himeka: "And the Kami Band members are really amazing people from the metal world. In this way, I really feel they can accomplish such a nice sound, with the fusion of several styles. And exactly for this reason I think they can have an impact on different kinds of people."




Translation by: Gakushabaka

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