Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, February 6

New Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL, this week featuring Sara Kurashima in the lead followed by Yuzumi, Aiko and Kano along with Mori-Sensei! Another program with announcements! Watch the full episode below! 


Sara, Yuzumi, Aiko & Kano this week on Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL!

New episode on LoGiRL, this week Sara Kurashima leads the group followed by Yuzumi Shintani, Aiko Yamaide, and Kano Fujihira in today's extra violent episode! Why violent? Mori-sensei's opening quiz required a responsibility between the girls. They have to answer a question together, with each girl using a single character and combining them to spell the answer. Whoever messes up the word gets slapped on the wrist! Kano doled out much of the punishment today. 


The Gossip box returns and follows-up as the final segment. Can you guess which girl has two mobile phones? And who complains that they are still short despite having big feet?



In addition once again Sakura Gakuin make important announcement during LoGiRL, they released the trailer for this Nendo's album at the end of the show! It included snippets of each song and video previews of the DVD & Blu-Ray content. WATCH the trailer here.


Watch the full episode courtesy of MissingReel!

In addition, don't forget to watch previous episodes in our section, click here


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