GrindHouse report from Guns N' Roses Japan Tour: "BABYMETAL fan base got expanded even further"

GrindHouse Magazine released a new live report about BABYMETAL, this time they attended to BABYMETAL x Guns N' Roses performance at Yokohama Arena as part of the Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017. GrindHouse talks about their performance but focused in the audience at the venue. Report translated below. 


GrindHouse Magazine report: BABYMETAL at Yokohama Arena with Guns N' Roses

A night that made me realize they had entered in a new chapter. 


I watched the Yokohama Arena performance of the "Not In This Lifetime” World Tour 2017; I watched Guns' N Roses again for the eight time, first time in 5 years. 


At the opening time of 18:30 inside the venue the whole place went dark. With a majestic SE, projecting their classic video message onstage, the atmosphere of the venue got heated. An unusual narration of the video; it was fully in English. BABYMETAL, the support act, came out. The first song is "BABYMETAL Death". At the end of last year, they played in Britain's big cities along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, then they supported Metallica in their show in Korea, writing a new chapter in Japanese rock history. The increase in confidence in the facial expressions and movements of Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal were reflected in a gigantic screen placed to the sides of the PA speakers. 


Osaka, Kobe and then Yokohama performances, we saw in Social Networks writings like "It was a performance full of adrift feelings". Guns fans are majorly western rock and metal fans. The average age of the group is much higher, their experience value is strong, their eyes show assertiveness, they have ears of rock/metal veterans. 


Although there are evident facts of how big BABYMETAL’s achievements in Japan as well as in the world, while many hands raised with friendly hospitality, this came out not as easily. There is no way it can be so. There were many people who saw their live performance for the first time. Yes, they had a hard time with a big crowd like that of this evening. "Is it like, a fusion of metal and dance?" It looks like it (Laughs). But I didn't feel anything like that "away feeling" from this cabin. Rather, just "rumors about BABYMETAL". 


I think there was a lot of people watching like in a "stage of awareness", like waiting to see how far they could go with this. However, as the songs progressed, "Doki Doki Morning", "Catch Me If You Can", "Megitsune", the cheers and applause slowly but steadily increased. The short set closed with "Gimme Chocolate!!", appealing to even those "cynical fans", no doubt. They had 30 minutes to convince them, and the BABYMETAL fan base in Japan got expanded even further.




Live report by: Hiroshi Arashima, editor of GrindHouse Magazine.

Translation by: Maik Gianino.

Style Editor: Daniel Fuentes


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