Upcoming Kami Band members activities in February 2017

First month of the year without BABYMETAL means a new report about the upcoming BABYMETAL Kami Band members activities for the month of February 2017. This month features Isao with Makai, Takayoshi promoting C4 and "Cerberus" and Mikio hosting a new Guitar Seminar, details below. 


Kami Band activities in February featuring Isao, Takayoshi Ohmura, BOH & Mikio

Summary of activities of Kami Band members in February 2017 including Isao Fujita playing with Makai, many activities for Takayoshi Ohmura with C4 and promoting his new Album "Cerberus" in MI Japan schools with BOH and Toki. In addition Mikio Fujioka will held another Guitar Seminar! 


God Of Guitar Isao Fujita:

Backup God Of Guitar Isao Fujita to participate in another Makai Event called "Makai Monster Fighting, "Yukijin" at Shinkiba 1st Ring on February 2

Tickets are already Sold out. 


Follow Isao Fujita on Twitter.





God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura & God Of Bass BOH

On February 4 and February 5 will participate in C4's Guren Rampage Commemoration Tour.

February 4 at Jishu Bank Club

February 5 at Brand X

For more details visit, THIS POST, click here.


In addition Takayoshi Ohmura to held EMS and MI Japan Events to promote "Cerberus": 

Feburary 12 (Sunday) at EMS Sendai School with Special Guest, God Of Bass BOH (Kari Band) 

The event will feature session and handshake meeting with Takayoshi and BOH.

Open Doors: 12:30 / Start 13:00 Japanese Time


February 18 at MI Japan Fukuoka School with Special Guest Toki (C4)

The event will feature music performance, Takayoshi Ohmura talk about guitars and Cerberus.

Open Doors: 14:30 / Start 15:00 Japanese Time 


Follow Takayoshi Ohmura & BOH on Twitter. 





God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka: 

God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka to held a Guitar Seminar on February 11 at Shimamura Instrument Store in Kobe. The event is limited to only 30 participants! 


Date: February 11

Venue: Shimamura Instruments Store, in Kobe

Start: 14:00 Japanese Time

Duration: 90 minutes

For more details visit: Shimamura's Blog.


On February 19 will host a Kemper Special Demostration at BIGBOSS Kyoto Store.


Date: February 19

Venue: BIGBOSS Kyoto Store, 2nd Floor

Start: 14:00 Japanese Time

Tickets: Admission Free

For more details visit: korg.com


Follow Mikio Fujioka on Twitter.

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