Fan Review: BABYMETAL in Seoul, South Korea supporting Metallica

BABYMETAL played their first show ever in South Korea as they joined Metallica's Worldwired Tour. It was also their first time supporting Metallica, the "Metal Master". Our collaborator Kenji Sekino attended to the show and after the experience wrote the following fan review! Read more below. 


Fan Review: BABYMETAL at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea

When Metallica announced 2017 January Asian tour, I expected Japanese dates would be added later. Unfortunately it didn't happen due to mix of scheduling conflict and money. Though they are my musical heroes and Japan no show was a let down, I didn't to plan to fly to Seoul for the gig as they may tour Japan later.


But, when BABYMETAL was announced as a special guest, I thought I SHOULD go. It would be like Metallica opening fo Ozzy Osbourne on "Master Of Puppets" tour. New icon meets legendary icon. Not just another gig but an important moment in both BABYMETAL's career and metal history.


I flew from Tokyo in the morning and checked in the hotel at 2 pm to find out that merch stand might open earlier than scheduled 4 pm. When I arrived at Sky Dome at 3:30, merch line was already long while less than 10 people were queuing for Metallica merch.


They were selling 4 T-shirts all designed just for today's opening slot. Originally 2 purchases per 1 design were allowed that made maximum 8 purchases per person, that was wrongfully taken advantage of by fan-cum-scalpers. Actually the first BABYMETALLICA T appeared on Yahoo Auction, Japanese equivalent to eBay, while I was still queuing. Of course its price was ridiculous. Sad but true that there are some disrespectful fans.


All T-shirts were sold out at 4:30, but Korean fans negotiated with local staff and the decision was made that extras would be brought 1 hour later. They eventually arrived past 6 pm. The number of extras was just 53, so restriction was changed and we were allowed to buy strictly only 1 shirt. Finally I got my T past 6:30, It was 3 hours of queuing and I was freezing as it was very cold.


BABYMETAL appeared on stage at 7 pm.



2. Catch Me If You Can

3. Megitsune

4. Gimme Chocolate!

5. Karate

6. Road of Resistance


The drums were too loud and overall sound quality was bad. It depends on where you are when the venue is huge and I've heard different opinions. Unfortunately it didn't improve at where I was seated.


The Skydome is a 22,000 capacity baseball stadium, but it was half empty when BABYMETAL started playing, so Su-Metal saying "I want to see big circle pit! Bigger! Bigger!" was a little out of place. Fortunately the crowd was gradually growing and getting into BABYMETAL.


Frankly I'm still unsure if BABYMETAL was convincing for Metallica fans. One fan told me she likes "Gimme Chocolate!" but their songs were unrecognizable due to sound problem. But, judging from sing-a-long and warm applause, tonight BABYMETAL was a well-accepted opening band., though it's a mystery why KAMI Band got louder applause than BABYMETAL when they left the stage. At least the converted enjoyed the show and there were enough number of the converted. The show could have been better, but no denying the girls did their best in limited time. and I enjoyed their performance. Su-Metal's voice sounded really powerful. Hope they will play headlining show at smaller venue next time here. They need to tour uncharted territories to build steadier fan base all around the world.


Business as usual. Metallica delivered.


No collaboration between them, but the photos that surfaced online a few days later showed their mutual fondness. Now BABYMETAL is officially approved by Metal Masters! Hope BABYMETALLICA happens someday somewhere again.




Fan review by: Kenji Sekino

Photos by: Tsukasa Miyoshi.

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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Kenji (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 17:11)

    Oops I made a typo!
    BABYMETAL's stage time was 7:20 pm.

  • #2

    Ron moore (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 21:18)

    I felt bad for babymetal because they had just barely let the standing are people start entering the building when they started playing. Should have delayed their start time by 15 minutes or so until everyone was in place. Metallica started 30 minutes late why couldn't babymetal?

  • #3

    Kenji (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 00:26)

    There are always restrictions on opening acts. Some headliners limit volume, lights etc of opening acts.
    In this regard Metallica was generous to BABYMETAL. as they were allowed to use screens.
    I think it was more up to local promoter and the venue about delayed entry.

  • #4

    24675 (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 10:41)

    to play in front of 11,000 people audience at the first time ever in a new country.... BIG SUCCESS!

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