BABYMETAL #10 in "The artist that you want to see the most" at Summer Sonic 2017

BABYMETAL is one of the most requested artists to appear this year at Summer Sonic Festival 2017 which will take place in August 2017 in Tokyo and Osaka. AndMore Fes release the final results including a brief description for each artist. Read the article translated below. 


BABYMETAL is 10th most requested act of Summer Sonic 2017

Summer Sonic 2017 through AndMore Fes announced the final results of the Official Campain on Twitter "The artist that you want to see the most" at Summer Sonic 2017. The campain involved Summer Sonic followers on Twitter using the hashtag  #サマソニ and the name of the artists, the most voted artists was Green Day, while BABYMETAL reached the Top10. Last year was #1. 


-AndMore Fes article start-

Tweets in "Summer Sonic 2017 Twitter Campaign" decided the Top3 artists you would like to see at Summer Sonic 2017. Tweets of participants mentioned names of artists of various genres as Rock, Pop or EDM. It's time to announce the results of those Tweets!



In 10th place is BABYMETAL: Last year they accomplished a great number of goals abroad, and dominated the Big Four Rock Festivals in Japan and increased their fans. One is still deeply emotional about seeing these girls flapping from Summer Sonic to the world. 


9 - The Weeknd

8 - Linkin Park

7 - Coldplay

6 - System Of A Down

5 - Maroon 5

4 - Muse

3 - Bruno Mars

2 - Metallica

1 - Green Day


And that's the result of the Twitter campaign! 



August 19 (Saturday) and 20 (Sunday) 2017

Tokyo Venue: ZOZO Marine Stadium & Makuhari Messe

Osaka Venue: To be decided



August 18 (Friday) 2017

Venue: Makuhari Messe




Article by: AndMore Fes.

Read: BABYMETAL #1 in "The artist that you want to see the most" at Summer Sonic 2016, read here.

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