Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, January 23

New Sakura Gakuin program on LoGiRL, this week Momoe, Marin, Maaya, and Mirena fill the studio seats of TV Asahi today along with the always awesome Mori-Sensei! Watch the full episode below. 


Momoe, Marin, Maaya, Mirena and Mori-Sensei, the M Squad on LoGIRL!

The M Squad takes over LoGiRL this week! Momoe Mori, Marin Hidaka, Maaya Asou, and Mirena Kurosawa along with Mori-Sensei appeared this week in a new episode. The episode started with a very special segment "Kurosawa Mirena Presents Sakura Gakuin 1.2.3". Mirena shares her thoughts on the top three girls in a variety of categories: the most touch-feely girls, who studies the hardest, most haraguro (cute on the surface, but wicked beneath), and who plays with their phone the most. 


Also, Mori-Sensei springs another segment on them as a follow-up, much to their surprise.

Watch the full episode below courtesy of MissingReel!

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If you want to watch previous episodes visit our special section for LoGiRL, click here.



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