"Metal Resistance" featured on Music Book's "The Best Albums Of 2016" choosen by Hitomi Nishiyama

Very talented Jazz Pianist and popular Hitomi Nishiyama and also confesed fan of BABYMETAL chooses her 3 favorite albums of 2016 on Music Book. Her Top3 features BABYMETAL's new Album "Metal Resistance". Read the article translated below.


Hitomi Nishiyama chooses "Metal Resistance" on The Best Albums of 2016

Jazz Pianist Hitomi Nishiyama delivers on Music Book her favorite 3 Albums of 2016. 

Hitomi chooses BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance", Robert Glasper Experiment "ArtScience" and Daiki Tsuneta Millennium Parade "http://"


"I'm now reading "The Collapse Of The Hits" (Shiba Nagoya). It's a story about the shift from the software sales to the live markets, rather than negative content, is viewed from the Music Industry's view as a whole. I have participated as spectator in several large concerts in 2016. Usually is overwhelming to listen acoustic music with good sound in a Jazz Box, but the enjoyment in large concerts of the sound environment is not just good or bad at large concerts but I also realized again that it's only a momentary nature that can only be experienced at that time. I think that is more encouraging for Jazz Musicians to return to a more primitive music experiences, not just sound recordings. Like Iron Maiden's concert in April was awesome. 


BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance: 

BABYMETAL, the long awaited second work. You have two works already? That's a marvelous success! Compared to your previous work, there is presence of Heavy Metal and related music like Progress Metal, Viking Metal, and an approach of Japanese V-Kei of the 1990s. Every song in it has a straight and delightful voice of a teenage girl, althought the sound is heavy, it has a very refreshing feeling, I listen the music itself as an elementary fusion of the Idol and Metal system, if you take it and listen the music, you will notice the excellence of its production."




Article on: Music Book Japan

Translation by: Maik Gianino.

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