Aiko Yamaide's diary about Christmas Eve date with Yui Mizuno

Sakura Gakuin 2016 student Aiko Yamaide new diary on Sakura Gakuin about her date with Yui Mizuno on Christmas Eve including three beautiful photos! Yui wearing once again an Ariana Grande's T-shirt! Read the diary translated below. 


Aiko Yamaide's diary on her meeting with Yui Mizuno on Christmas Eve

Jan Ken Pon! Aiko-desho!


Today, I'd like to tell about my dating with a girl after I finishd a rehearsal on Christmas Eve.

The date with Yui-chan!!!


We've long been hoping to have a date and finally we found a common time to fit in our schedule!

At a cafe, Yui-chan had a cup of Soy-Latte and Aiko had a cup of Coffee-Frappuccino. (Laughs) We talked a lot over drink, and then we bought matching pens (with different characters on them), and made candles to feel the Christmas.


Do you see which candle Yui-chan made? (See photos below)

It was so fun and the time flew by really fast. Yui-chan said that we should have a date again! and that if I have any trouble, I must consult Yui-chan. Let's have a date again soon! Yui-chan.


Thanks to having a date with Yui-chan on Christmas Eve, I was able to appear on the Fuyu No Hina Osame event with full of energy. Thank you Fukei-sans for having come to see us and for having cheered us up on the event!! At the event, the Toque blanche of Momoko and Marin came off. I was relieved for my hat not having come off, but somehow I felt embarrassed. Please Keep this just between you and me. It seems only Aiko's Toque blanche was comfortable with my head. (Laughs)




Diary by: Aiko Yamaide

Translation by: Onji Kobe.


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