Nyango Star surreal appearance playing popular songs of BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL, Su-Metal and "Akatuski" are featured on Women Excite article about mascot Nyango Star video performing "Akatsuki" drum cover! Nyango Star appeared dressed as Su-Metal! Read the article translated below. 


Nyango Star uses "female clothes" performing popular BABYMETAL songs

Nyango Star's drumming has gained popularity as he "looks like characters". Recently made a surprise apperance in a video doing a drum cover of X JAPAN's "Kure", Yuto Nakajima's "Hey! Say! JUMP". Althought Nyango published a video of "Akatsuki" which is one of BABYMETAL's most popular songs, his appearance was surreal. On January 11 published on his Youtube Channel "BABYMETAL Akatsuki Drum Cover" and it was called "That is really cool!!".


"Akatsuki" is part of their 2nd Single "Megitsune" regular edition released by BABYMETAL in June 2013, which in it Su-Metal's sad vocals made a memorable song driving full of feelings. However, it has been never shown on TV, some fans even have speculations about the reasons. The way how Nyango Star made the drum cover even increased them. 


What also gained attention was his "female clothes". "He appeared with Suu-chan's hairstyle, (Laughs)", "Suu-chan is doing a drum cover", the fans enjoyed it. By Nyango Star's drumming seems like he has respect for BABYMETAL




Article by: Woman Excite

Translation by: Maik Gianino.


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