Soyoka Yoshida reveals message from Yui Mizuno to students before Sakura Gakuin Festival 2016

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo student Soyoka Yoshida new diary reveals a message from Yui Mizuno to students before the performances at Sakura Gakuin Festival 2016. Yui sent a message to encourage the girls before the important shows last year. 


Soyoka Yoshida's diary reveals message from Yui to Sakura Gakuin students!

GaraGara Bakkyuuuun!

It's Yoshida Soyoka, the 6th grader in elementary school.


On our concerts, we can often see our graduates coming. They kindly encourage us with praise, and give us good advice. They sometimes give us messages via email or LINE before the concert.

At the morning of the Festival, We got this message from Yui-chan.


"Good morning

Finally, the day of the Festival has come! As you know, the very first solo-concert of Sakura Gakuin was the Festival at the Red-Brick-Warehouse.


After we first performed 'Yume ni Mukatte' at the TIF, we practiced other songs hard, and unveiled them at the Festival. There also were performance of new club activities, and the skit with Mori-sensei which is indispensable for our concerts now... we still had a long way to go, but got praised "You've improved a lot"!!


So, I'm very sure you can do it today and tomorrow. Just believe in yourselves!

Yui and other graduates are always with you. Join your hearts into one and enjoy the concert! That will make your hearts reach to Fukei-sans!! Give it your all."


At the theater play in last summer, Marina-chan and Hinata-chan gave us a lot of precious advice. When we tried to perform 'Let's dance', Rau-chan came and taught us. Not only the graduates of the last Nendo, but also other graduates who didn't share times with us at Sakura Gakuin are watching over us. There are always senpais just in front of us.

I want to carry the minds of senpais, to succeed the good tradition of Sakura Gakuin and send them to the next generation.




Diary by: Soyoka Yoshida

Translation by: Onji Kobe



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