Blick am Abend from Switzerland: "Life in numbers of... BABYMETAL"

Blick am Abend (View In The Evening) from Switzerland released a series of articles numbers of different artists,  BABYMETAL was featured with interesting article, numbers on their success as live shows, Yui's neckpain, Youtube views, and more! Check the article translated below. 


Numbers on BABYMETAL success featured on Blick am Abend from Switzerland

Metal? Cute? Maybe an opposite... but it works. These 3 superstars japanese girls show why.


  • 15 % of the Japanese saw their live shows at the end of 2014. That was their big breakthrough. Now those lovely girls metalheads are one of the famous Japanese musicians.


  • 3 days, Yui had neckpain, at the start of her career because of the headbanging. Back then when she was just 12 years old she knew nothing about metal.


  • 25 choreographies the three girls have for their songs. Only a few metal bands can dance like them.


  • 230 million views their videos have. With their unique style of music they spiced things up in the male dominated metal world. In 2017 they are on tour with Metallica and Guns N' Roses.



Article by: Blick am Abend

Translation by: Sebastien Rothe 

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