Premium Japan: Chili Peppers, Guns & Metallica charmed by the phenomenal breakthrough of BABYMETAL

Premium Japan article about BABYMETAL performing with impotant artist in the world like Rob Halford, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and Guns N' Roses. The article summarizes how happened the collaborations with Rob Halford and RHCP and reactions from fans. Article translated below. 


Premium Japan on BABYMETAL live collaborations and supporting appearances

Metal Dance Unit BABYMETAL is making a breakthrough to a level that is making Japan proud of it. Originally overseas popularity has been frightening, but since them are collaborating with big artists globally have attracted the topic with quick succession here. 


Last July they played with Rob Halford of Judas Priest known as "Metal God" at a live show in Ohio, USA. Two years ago they met each other for first time, while Rob praised BABYMETAL in Social Networks. And one year later they co-starred. BABYMETAL members also raised their voices with excitement "It was like a dream" about the collaboration with this musician. 


About this collaboration the fans said: "I realized that BABYMETAL became a worldwide Metal band", "Incredibly proud of Su-Metal collaborating with Rob", "I'm glad for BABYMETAL but also glad for Kami Band", "It's excellent I can't express this with words".


Last month they went to UK to be special guest of Red Hot Chili Peppers. And from Red Hot Chili Peppers side, "We definitely want to tour with them together", and the offer came. By the way, last year at "Fuji Rock Festival 16" members of Red Hot Chili Peppers have been seen at the side stage seeing BABYMETAL, as the photos started to circulate on the net, fans reacted, "this is not a lip service"


And in December happened the live shows, BABYMETAL did masterpiece performances without even being pushed in spirits by Red Hot Chili Peppers fans. "BABYMETAL captivated the fans getting cheers in the second half like it was a one-man performance", "Chili Peppers fans shared favorable tweets showing how wonderful it was", emotional reactions on the net, one after another. 


In the future, the will be special guest on Metallica's World Tour performance in Korea on January 11. They have been also decided to support Guns N' Roses visit to Japan from January 21. Even alone, they made a successful appearance at Wembley Arena in April and in September mobilized 110.000 people at Tokyo Dome 2 Days. One can't take their eyes off of BABYMETAL, who is now progressing and continuing making feats that will remain in Japanese music scene history. 




Article by: Premium Japan.

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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