Takayoshi Ohmura joins C4 "GUREN" release commemoration Tour "GUREN Rampage"

The band lead by singer Toki "C4" announced the release commemoration tour of "GUREN", Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura will join "GUREN Rampage" on Tour during January, February, March and April 2017. See more details below. 


Takayoshi Ohmura to join C4's "GUREN Rampage" commemoration Tour

Takayoshi Ohmura will join C4's "Guren Rampage" Tour. Toki leader of C4 announced "GUREN Rampage" commemoration Tour which will take place during January, February, March and April 2017. C4's sixth Studio Album distributed by Keasler Japan Limited was released on November 30, 2016 featuring 10 tracks. Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura confirmed his participation in this in-store" tour in the 6 scheduled dates. 


C4 "Guren Rampage" commemoration Tour dates:

January 28 at Leica Edition in Tokyo

January 29 at Shibuya Zeal Link

February 4 at Jishu Bank Club

February 5 at Brand X

March 26 at Leica Edition in Osaka

April 16 at Leica Edison in Nagoya


For more information: 

Follow Toki on Twitter

Follow Takayoshi Ohmura on Twitter

C4 "Guren" Album information, click here

Get C4 "Guren" on Amazon Japan click here


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