Rolling Stone Japan: "Looking back at 5 articles reflecting BABYMETAL's 2016"

Rolling Stone Japan released a list of 5 most important articles published by them reflecting 2016 for BABYMETAL. The 2 parts interview with the girls before the release of "Metal Resistance", Wembley Arena, playing with Rob Halford and Tokyo Dome live reviews. 


Rolling Stone Japan 5 most important articles about BABYMETAL in 2016

It's not exaggeration to say that the "Japanese Metal Band" that played the most shows worldwide this year is BABYMETAL. We will look back on the three in 2016, including their performance at Wembley Arena in the UK, co-starring with world rock bands. 


They created completely a new genre called "Kawaii Metal", a new sense of Metal Dance Unit is BABYMETAL. They have been steadily increasing the followers at domestic and international lives and festival venues. On April 2 they were the first Japanese act to perform at Wembley Arena in the UK, the three girls who toured the world, accomplished the world tour at the White Stage of the Fuji Rock Festival in July and 2 Days at Tokyo Dome in September.


Following their last world tour, BABYMETAL's popularity was not limited only to Japan, also was published an article on Rolling Stone Web and they became hot topic after the appearance at the popular program "The Late Show" in United States. At the US Alternative Press Music Awards in July, they appeared with Judas Priest's frontman Rob Halford playing "Painkiller" and "Breaking The Law" making noise between metal fans. In addition, Red Hot Chili Peppers invited them as special guests in their UK Tour, because they loved their performance at Fuji Rock. They were also decided to be guest appearance in the Japan Tour of Guns N' Roses at the beginning of the next year.


In Rolling Stone Japan we have posted a long interview before the World Tour and a live report of the Wembley show. Now will present to you five BABYMETAL articles of this year.


01-BABYMETAL's new challenge "Continue fighting in the world" (Part 1) (Translation here)

The secret of BABYMETAL's popularity which is becoming a global vent, long interview with the three teenage girls. Talk about Wembley Arena performance.


02-BABYMETAL's new challenge "Continue fighting in the world" (Part 2) (Translation here)

What kind of experiences has BABYMETAL packed up after the new album release and experiences cultivated in each country? They talk about the strong feelings they put in their songs. Long interview second part. 


03-BABYMETAL as a bridge connecting the world. The first Japanese to performen at Wembley Arena (Here)

BABYMETAL made a one-man performances on Aprail 2 at Wembley Arena as the first Japanese act to play there. Rolling Stone Japan reported their historical overnight with the goal "unifiying the world with BABYMETAL music".


04-BABYMETAL co-starred with Rob Halford at US Awards Ceremony (Here)

At the Alternative Press Music Awards the legendary frontman and the Pop Metal Trio showed of "Painkiller" and Breaking The Law. 


05-BABYMETAL: Their biggest decisive battle in history, live report after the conclusion of Tokyo Dome. (Here)

Metal Dance Unit BABYMETAL now proud of their activities in the world, finally challenged themselves at the biggest stage, Tokyo Dome 2 Days. Report on September 20.




Article by: Rolling Stone Japan

Translation by: Maik Gianino

Read: Rolling Stone Japan interview with BABYMETAL Part 1, click here.

Read: Rolling Stone Japan interview with BABYMETAL Part 2, click here.

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