"Metal Resistance" is #17 on Oricon Style Annual Sales Ranking

Oricon Style announced the Annual Sales Ranking featuring BABYMETAL's second studio album "Metal Resistance" Top25 and the number of copies sold in Japan for each artist. See more details below. 


Metal Resistance sold 230.000 copies in 2016 according to Oricon Style

Oricon Style announced the Annual Sales Ranking 2016 including details about the number of copies sold for each artist. BABYMETAL's second Studio Album "Metal Resistance" which was released on April 1, 2016 sold 230.264 copies in Japan. In addition "Metal Resistance" reached the Top25 of Oricon Style Annual Sales Ranking in position #17 meanwhile Suzuka's sister Himeka Nakamoto's group "Nogizaka46" is ranked #7. See the Top10 below. 



01-Are You Happy? by Arashi

Estimated copies sold: 747.115

Release date: 2016.10.26 


02-The JSB Legacy by Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe

Estimated copies sold: 643.115

Release date: 2016.03.30


03-Fantome by Hikaru Utada

Estimated copies sold: 569.963 

Release date: 2016.09.28 


04-Ano hi Ano Toki by Oda Kazumasa

Estimated copies sold: 412.496

Release date: 2016.04.20


05-High & Low Original Best Album by Various Artists

Estimated copies sold: 362.024

release date: 2016.06.15


06-Kimi No Nawa by Radwimps

Estimated copies sold: 351.811

Release date: 2016.08.24 


07-Sorezore No Isu by Nogizaka46

Estimated copie sold: 331.848

Release date: 2016.05.25


08-Fuku No Oto by Masaharu Fukuyama

Estimated copies sold: 302.628

Release date: 2015.12.23


09-Chou Iki Mono Bakari by Ikimonogakari

Estimated copies sold: 294.207

Release date: 2016.03.15


10-Dear by Hey! Say! JUMP

Estimated copies sold: 292.426

Release date: 2016.07.27


17-Metal Resistance by BABYMETAL

Estimated copies sold: 230.264

Release date: 2016.04.01 




Information by: Oricon Style

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