"KARATE" is #6 on Amazon "The Best Metal Of 2016" by Amazon's Music Experts

Amazon United Kingdom released a list full of metal songs released this year where BABYMETAL's song from "Metal Resistance" "KARATE" is ranked in 6th place. Find more details below. 


BABYMETAL is #6 on Amazon UK's "The Best Of Metal 2016" by Amazon Music Experts

Amazon United Kingdom released a playlist of 31 songs with the best of metal in 2016 featuring artists like Metallica, Megadeth, Deftones, Korn, Gojira, Amon Amarth and many more. BABYMETAL's lead Single from "Metal Resistance", "KARATE" is ranked #6 over Gojira's "Silvera" and behind Korn's "Insane". The playlist is lead by the new effort from Metallica "Hardwired", followed by "Blooed Eagle Wings" by Anthrax, "Bullet To The Brain" by Megadeth. 


"The Best Of Metal 2016" is a playlist curated by Amazon's Music Experts and is available to liset and buy the songs in the following link, CLICK HERE


AMAZON UK The Best Of Metal 2016 Top10:

01-Hardwired by Metallica

02-Blood Eagle Wings by Anthrax

03-Bullet To The Brain by Megadeth

04-Prayers / Triangles by Deftones

05-Insane by Korn


07-Silvera by Gojira

08-Hate By Design by Killswitch Engage

09-Raise Your Horns by Amon Amarth

10-Pain by Of Mice And Men

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