AndMore Fes chooses BABYMETAL as one of Major Summer Festival news of the year!

AndMore Fes, especialist in Japanese Festivals published a list of the most important news about artists who participated in Summer Festivals 2016. BABYMETAL is featured about their performance at Fuji Rock Festival where they met Red Hot Chili Peppers. Read the feature translated below. 


BABYMETAL is featured on AndMore Fes Major Summer Festival news of 2016

AndMore Fes published the major topics ocurred in the summer of 2016 according to their editors department. BABYMETAL is featured in their list with a mention about BABYMETAL playing in the Big 4 Rock Festivals in Japan. 


-BABYMETAL totally dominates the Big 4 Rock Festivals in Japan!

BABYMETAL played in this Summer at Fuji Rock, Rock In Japan, Rising Sun Rock, Summer Sonic all the major rock festivals in Japan. Especially Fuji rock, which is popular for their admission controls. The headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers went to see BABYMETAL's performance and found them, and became big topic after when they were decided to appear as special guest in their UK Tour.


They put together impressive events that took place at the festivals this summer. Not only here (Fuji Rock), they are also plenty of wonderful memories on each. We can hardly wait for the next summer as soon as possible. Next year, I want to go to several wonderful live shows. 



Article by: AndMore Fes

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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