Youtube Japan Annual Ranking, BABYMETAL "KARATE" is #21

Google announced the Top100 Videos Ranking on Youtube Japan, BABYMETAL's Music Video for "KARATE" is ranked #21 with more than 24.000.000 views. The second video from "Metal Resistance", "THE ONE" didn't get the Top100. Find more details below. 


Youtube Japan Annual Ranking, "PPAP" is #1, "KARATE" is #21

Google announced the domestic Top100 Videos Ranking on Youtube Japan. The first place goes to Piko Taro's viral Music video "PPAP" (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) which exceed the number of 100.000.000 views, the video was released on August 25. In second place is RADWIMPS with "Zen Zen Zense movie ver." which exceeded 84.000.000 views. To close the Top3 is the popular RadioFish with "Perfect Human Live short ver." which overpassed 47.000.000 views on Youtube. 


Regarding to BABYMETAL, their lead Single of their second Studio Album "Metal Resistance", "KARATE" is ranked #21. The video released on March 17 reached 24.000.000 views at the moment of Google's announcement. On the other hand their friends "Perfume" are ranked #7 with "Flash", very popular video which choreography corresponds to BABYMETAL's choreographer Mikiko Mizuno. Flash reached 23.000.000 views since its release on April 12. In addition, Himeka Nakamoto's group (Suzuka's sister) Nogizaka46 appears #47 with "Hadashi de Summer"




Information from: Oricon Style

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