Dance Stream on BABYMETAL's sharp and powerful dancing and physical strenght

Very interesting article by Dance Stream, site dedicated to dancing. They talk about BABYMETAL's sharp and powerful dancing but also they praise the girls physical strenght. Read the full article translated below. 


Dance Stream: BABYMETAL's sharp and powerful dancing is praised around the world

Significant physical strenght is needed! Isn't it?

BABYMETAL's sharp and powerful dancing is praised around the world 


BABYMETAL has become an active artists all around the world. All people have been captivated by the cuteness from Idols mixed with authentic Heavy Metal. 


Dancing on Heavy Metal is very hard since it's needed to keep continuos intensity in movements for a very long time. However, BABYMETAL not only dances powerfully, their sharp dancing is highly acclaimed in many reviews around the world. 


Dancing 10 songs in a row, in a festival under a scorching sun... That's a significant physical streght! 





Article by: Dance Stream.

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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