Mikiko talk BABYMETAL choreography on "Mix Variety Puzzle" of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

BABYMETAL's choreographer Mikiko Mizuno, also known as Mikiko-Metal was interviewed on "Mix Variety Puzzle" of the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting to talk about the importance of the choreographies and why are highly valued abroad. Read a summary translated below. 


Mikiko about BABYMETAL & Perfume choreographies and performances

BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin and Perfume choreographer (among other artists like Daoko & Gen Hoshino) was interviewed on "Mix Variety Puzzle" of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Japanese radio station in Tokyo which broadcasts to the Kanto area Mikiko mentioned some interesting point of views about BABYMETAL and Perfume choreographies which are important during their performances and valued around the world.



Below some key points of the interview:


-Mikiko is asked why she thinkgs Perfume and BABYMETAL performances are highly valued around the world. 

Mikiko says that she doesn't know exactly, it's only three people and they have to involve the whole venue but they don't do it with flashy movements. Rather, they move in a careful and elaborate way, with a high degree of accuracy, so with this kind of movements you don't really get how they do the trick, and this maybe attracts the attention of the audience.


In addition, she's happy because these choreos were made for the Japanese audience, and these movements get a good response from the audience abroad.


She went together with Perfume in places like the American Tour and the reaction from the audiece was amazing. 


-Then she is asked what kind of expressions can reflect the essence of a Japanese performer.


She says she aims at showing a choreo that suits the Japanese physique. Westerners have more curves so to speak, and that's not her case so she tried to experiment with the angles of the neck, shoulders, elbows... what kind of effect these angle will give graphically in a 3d space, and each of those angles has a kind of expression, so you get a nice feeling when you arrange them all together, and it also fits with for example Perfume's digital effects.


You don't need to move your body a lot, but each fine and accurate movement has a meaning.




Interview by: Mix Variety Puzzle.

Translation & Summary: Gakushabaka


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