BABYMETAL teams up with Konami's "Gitadora" !!

BABYMETAL announced their collaboration with Konami to release 3 songs to be available in the popular Konami video game "Gitadora", find more details below.


BABYMETAL "Gimme Chocolate", "Road Of Resistance" & "Megitsune" on Gitadora

BABYMETAL announced officialy they are realeasing three songs on Konami's music simulation video game "Gitadora". "Gimme Chocolate", "Road Of Resistance" and "Megitsune" will be available on Gitadora Tri-Boost Re-EVOLVE.


Gitadora, also known as GuitarFreaks and DrumMania are music simulation video games created by Bemani and produced by Konami. GuitarFreaks uses a electric guitar simulator, meanwhile DrumMania uses a drum simulator. In 2015 BABYMETAL released their first demos of this collaboration at Makuhari Messe on June 21 while the "Kyodai Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai" took place. 


See a gameplay below and visit the following announcement for more details.


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