BABYMETAL Media appearances on TV & Magazines in December & January 2017

BABYMETAL announced in the official site a series of Media appearances on TV and Magazines in the upcoming weeks of December and January of the next year! Check the details below. 


BABYMETAL announce Media appearances in December & January 2017!

BABYMETAL announced Media appearances on Japanese TV and Japanese Magazines in December 2016 and January 2017 as follows: 



December 17 (Saturday) at 21:00

Music Air "BABYMETAL: Live In London 2014 & 2016" 

Re-broadcast: January 9 (Monday) at 22:00


December 18 (Sunday) at 21:00

WOWOW Prime "BABYMETAL World Tour 2016, Legend Metal Resistance, Red Night"


December 30 (Friday)at 23:00

MTV "BABYMETAL Live At Wembley Arena"


December 30 (Friday) at 23:30

MTV "BABYMETAL VideoSelects" (Music videos feature)


January 1 (Sunday) at 20:00

WOWOW Prime "BABYMETAL World Tour 2016, Legend Metal Resistance, Black Night"


January 1 (Sunday) 23:30

AbemaTV "BABYMETAL Red Night Legend, Kyodai Corset Festival"


January 2 (Monday) at 23:30

AbemaTV "BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 at The Forum"


January 3 (Tuesday) 23:00

AbemaTV "BABYMETAL Legend 2015, New Year Kitsune Festival"



December 29 (Thursday)

Rockin' On Japan "Live Report, Interview"


*Broadcasts and publishings are subjects to change without prior notice. Please note.

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