"Metal Resistance" #31 on Rock Sound Top50 Releases Of The Year, "Live At Wembley" CD review

Rock Sound Magazine issue 221 released the Top50 Released Of The Year including "Metal Resistance" and also a review of BABYMETAL's new Live CD, "Live At Wembley". Read what Rock Sound says about both albums below. 


Metal Resistance & Live At Wembley Live CD featured on Rock Sound Magazine 221

Rock Sound Magazine announced in their new issue the Top50 Releases Of The Year featuring BABYMETAL's second studio Album "Metal Resistance" on 31st Place! In addition they review "Live At Wembley" Live CD. 



-----------ROCK SOUND on Metal Resistance---

It's been a big year in Music, so sorting through the standout releases wa a gargantuan taks. There were lots of tears and even a few tantrums, but in the end, for your reading pleasure, we finally managed to settle on the best of the bunch, enjoy... 


31-BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance": 

"Establishing BABYMETAL as a geninun metal prospect and not the novelty act some assumed, even the Japanese phenomenon's biggest critics were left eating their words after this one. And it was all down to its endless and undeniable tunes. "Metal Reisstance" was tons of fun and it backed that up with riffs galore."


----------ROCK SOUND on Live At Wembley---

Soundtracks, Compilations & Reissues - BABYMETAL, "Live At Wembley"

"Whether you're looking to relive BABYMETAL's fisrt ever UK arena show (in front of 12.000 people at London's Wembley Arena) or get an introduction into Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal's uique world. Live At Wembley is an essetial port of call. At the time we commented that, "Anyone who debates the metal credibility of BABYMETAL have (had) any doubts firmly silenced... they sound crushingly heavy", and that still stand true. From "KARATE" to genre-splicing favourites like "Gimme Chocolate", "Megitsune" and the epic "Road Of Resistance" this is quite the tirp. Time to join the Metal Resistance."




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Pictures by: Teri-Metal.

Transcription: Maik Gianino.


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