Tower Records reveals Best Sellers Annual Ranking 2016, Metal Resistance #6!

BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" reached the Top10 of the Tower Records Japan Best Sellers Annual Ranking 2016! Tower Records revealed the Annual Ranking featuring only "Metal Resistance" CD in the 6th place! Read more details below. 


BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" is #6 on Tower Records Annual Ranking!

Tower Records Japan announced the releases 2016 which stand at the top of their Best Seller Annual Ranking 2016. These rankings reflect the combined total sales of the Japanese, Imported, Limited, Analog, etc. versions of each Album/DVD sold through Tower Records Stores from December 1 of 2015 until November 30 of 2016. 


The Japanese Annual Ranking chart was topped by Hikaru Utada’s “Fantôme”, while the Foreign Annual Ranking has been topped by the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest full-length “The Getaway”, BABYMETAL is now touring with them in United Kingdom! BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" reached the Top10 of the Japanese Artists Albums Category over their sister group Perfume with "Cosmic Explorer" who reached the 8th position. In addition, none of the DVDs released by BABYMETAL reached the Top10 this year. 


Tower Records Japan Best Seller Annual Ranking 2016 

-Top10 Japanese Artists Albums Category

01-Hikaru Utada – Fantôme

02-Gen Hoshino – YELLOW DANCER

03-BUMP OF CHICKEN – Butterflies

04-Arashi – Are You Happy?

05-RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa.

06-BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance

07-Hey! Say! JUMP – DEAR.


09-Kazumasa Oda – Ano Hi, Ano Toki

10-Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB LEGACY




Information via: Tower Records Japan.

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