BABYMETAL's Album "Metal Resistance" is ranked #19 on HMV "Best Of 2016"

BABYMETAL's second studio Album "Metal Resistance" is ranked #19 on HMV's "Best Of 2016" annual ranking. BABYMETAL appears over Perfume which appears #31 with their new effort "Cosmic Explorer". Find more information below. 


BABYMETAL Album "Metal Resistance" featured on HMV "Best Of 2016" ranking

BABYMETAL is also featured on HMV's Annual Ranking. Their second studio Album "Metal Resistance" is ranked Top20 on HMV "Best Of 2016". The HMV Annual Ranking 2016 includes purchases in a period from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016. Arashi's latest Album "Are You Happy?" won the first place. 


On HMV Annual Ranking 2016, BABYMETAL's second Album "Metal Resistance" is ranked #19, after Kana Nishino's Album "Just Love" and over E-Girls "E.G.Smile" - E.Girls Best" 2CD + 3DVD Bundle. In addition, their sisters from Amuse, Perfume are ranked #31 with their new album "Cosmic Explorer". Meanwhile Himeka Nakamoto's group Nogizaka46 is ranked #17 with their CD/DVD "Sorezore No Isu". 



In addition HMV announced: "Closing the 2016, the annual ranking of HMV has been announced. This year we will hold a very profitable campaing where people who purchased and applied for an item of the ranking can win by lottery the "HMV GIFT Card & Ponta Points" with a total of 150.00 Yen!"


So make sure that if you got items from HMV, cross your fingers! 



Information from: HMV Japan.

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