"Zettai Karen Children" to release Bluray BOX in December!

Zettai Karen Children the anime which Suzuka Nakamoto's group in 2008 "Karen Girl's" recorded music will release a Special Edition Bluray! Read more details below. 


"Zettai Karen Children" to release Bluray BOX Special Edition in December

"Zettai Karen Children" (Absolutely Lovely Children) Japanese Shounen Manga about three young girls with great physic powers which was released in 2005 and brought to TV in 2008 on TV Tokyo containing 51 episodes will be releasing a Special Edition Bluray including the 51 TV Episodes plus OVA! 


The anime has pieces of music recorded in 2008 by the girls group created by Amuse "Karen Girl's" featuring Ayami Muto (Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo Graduate and first Students President), Yuika Shima (now performing along with Sakura Gakuin's graduate Iida Raura) and BABYMETAL's main singer Suzuka Nakamoto. The group released 2 Singles and a mini album called "Fly To The Future" released on February 25, 2009. After that the group disbanded. 


The Bluray Box which contains the full story of the anime series with the 51 Episodes plus OVA reaches a total of 1.297 minutes, recorded in 16:9 format with Dolby Digital Stereo audio! The special edition will be released on December 21, 2016, distributed by NBC Universal Entertainment Japan. 


The Bluray BOX will be released in 2 different editions: 

Bluray BOX with B2 Tapestry: 37.800Yen Get it on Amazon Japan

Bluray BOX: 29.359Yen Get it on Amazon Japan.


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