AWA Music releases "Sakura Gakuin" playlist + comments from Yuzumi & Marin!

AWA Music service releases a playlist dedicated to "Sakura Gakuin" to celebrate the addition of the Sakura Gakuin's music to the streaming music service. In addition, 2016 Nendo students Yuzumi Shintani and Marin Hidaka shared their thoughts about the playlist. Check the list of songs and their comments translated below. 


Sakura Gakuin playlist on AWA Music plus Yuzumi & Marin impressions

To celebrate the addition of Sakura Gakuin music to "AWA", the music distribution service released a playlist on November 22 focused on Sakura Gakuin.  The 21 songs playlists includes the most representative songs of the group featuring "Yumi Ni Mukatte", "My Graduation Toss" (Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Song) and more. In addition Yuzumi Shintani and Marin Hidaka added their comments with recommendations.


"Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou", "It's very interesting song full of listening comprehension, there are a lot of words related with the growing limited unit terms.", says Yuzumi Shintani


The graduation song of Sakura Gakuin, "My Graduation Toss", "It's a graduation song from 2012, a wonderful song which has packed feelings from juniors towards the graduates, so I would like you listen to it by all means!", says Marin Hidaka. 


Sakura Gakuin playlist by AWA Music: 

01-My Graduation Toss

02-Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To

03-Heart No Hoshi


05-Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou


07-Yumi Ni Mukatte

08-Mikansei Silhouette



11-Kirameki No Kakera

12-School days

13-Mezase! Super Lady, Fiscal Year 2014 -

14-Sleep Wonder

15-Sayonara Namida

16-Song for smiling

17-Tabidachi No Hini ~ J-MIX 2012 ~

18-See you ...

19-Magic Melody





AWA Site:

AWA on iTunes Store

AWA on Play Store.

AWA version for PC.



Information thanks to: Barks Japan

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