Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, November 14

New Sakura Gakuin program on LoGiRL of TV Asahi, after a week of break Sakura Gakuin is back to enchant the Fukei community. This week Sakura Gakuin's lineup features Yuzumi Shintani, Sara Kurashima, Marin Hidaka and Mirena Kurosawa! Check the episode below. 


Sakura Gakuin students Yuzumi, Sara, Marin & Mirena on this week's LoGiRL!

Episode #73, Sakura Gakuin is back on LoGiRL after a week of break. Yuzumi Shintani, Sara Kurashima, Marin Hidaka, and Mirena Kurosawa along with the always great Mori-Sensei take control of LoGiRL! In this episode the girls are focused in the Sakura Gakuin Festival 2016 which took place last weekend.


They talk a lot about the festival including many clips and funny comments about the experience at the Sakura Gakuin Festival 2016! This one cannot be missed! It was too much fun. 


Watch the full episode below courtesy of our collaborator, MissingReel

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    Sonu (Thursday, 25 October 2018 09:00)

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