Yahoo News: BABYMETAL approached by rumors of Super Bowl appearance

BABYMETAL was featured on Yahoo News in Japan about the rumors around their possible performance at the NFL Half-Time show next year. A random tweet from AXS fired up fans, and many rumors around BABYMETAL's appearance. Yahoo News wrote a report about the chances, read a summary translated below. 


Yahoo News report about BABYMETAL chances to appear at Super Bowl show

Original article includes information about the girls, their names, ages, BABYMETAL's concept, etc. Summary below shows the most important paragraphs and lines of the Kiyoshi Mio's report.


--Summary starts-- 

It is the most popular event in the United States, NFL championship finals, also referred to as the world's largest sports event, the "Super Bowl". BABYMETAL is followed by rife rumors to become a secret guest in the half time show of the Supre Bowl. 


Origin of the rumor is from the official Twitter of the United States of ticket sales company "AXS":


"There is only one way to guarantee the greatest Super Bowl half time show OF ALL TIME and that's @BABYMETAL_JAPAN" (Tweet)


BABYMETAL's mention echoed and went around the voices of hopes of many BABYMETAL fans. 


-What is the real possibility that BABYMETAL could be chosen as secret guest of the Super Bowl?

Looking at the writings on the net, "because is the American National event, a foreign singer is not going to be selected," but had raised the voices in the past like Phil Collins, U2, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, a large number of musicians from other places than the United States, such as Coldplay which has been main performance of the Super Bowl. Moreover, this time the main performer is the American Lady Gaga, they may not have to worry about if it's a foreign artist.


The problem is the concern is the kind of artist to appear at the Super Bowl, British English is in the home country language, they have been showing off English songs, BABYMETAL is not fully singing in English even abroad, the perpuate point is Japanese.


While singing in Japanese in "KARATE" which was released in February of this year, studded with the rhythm of metal, achoreography which is also the motif Karate, foreigners who don't understand the Japanese don't even mind that they are singing in Japanese. In addition, it has also been left an option to sing a song with English lyrics, which was recorded in the new album. Personally the maximum of wall for BABYMETAL to star the Super Bowl half-time show would be popularity and name recognition in the United States.


Although there were guest performers, Beyonce and Bruno Mars this year, two years ago the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are lined up always big names as guests. Compared with those guests, BABYMETAL is too low-profile in the overwhelmingly America.


Album "METAL RESISTANCE", which was launched in April of this year, showed a 3rd position and large good fight in the overall albums chart in the iTunes store, and the highest in the Billboard 200 at #39. Was the first time since 1963 of Sakamoto's the first time entering at the Top 40. 


Guest performer for the past four years is too big game for everyone, and thus compared with them, the possibility of starring would have been erased, just to compare Madonna was 5 years ago.


British-born female rapper, M.I.A. highest charted at the 9th position in the United States issued the last to make a guest appearance, recorded 99,000 pieces sold. Cee Lo Green is ranked up to 25 positions, with 225,000 copies. Meanwhile #39 is BABYMETAL, with 12,240 copies, lower compared with these two people.


To tell the conclusion, BABYMETAL has a very low to zero possibility of choice to be the secret guest of the Super Bowl. If they are selected, only could be the singer Lady Gaga to invite the group (of as many as possible others) to become a pair with her.


--Summary ended--



Article by: Kiyoshi Mio of Yahoo News.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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