Dana Distortion talk BABYMETAL on HTBARP Magazine: "I love working with them!"

BABYMETAL World Tour Photographer Dana Distortion was interviewed on HTBARP Magazine (How To Become A Rockstar Photographer", she was asked about BABYMETAL and how she joined the project. She talks about shooting BABYMETAL at Nippon Budokan when all started, read below. 


BABYMETAL World Tour Photographer Dana Distortion interviewed on HTBARP Magazine

You were shooting and also touring with the Japanese band BABYMETAL! How did this all start and how did this go for you?


Dana: "I went to Japan to shoo The Rolling Stones and on my day off I want to see BABYMETAL, and a friend of mine knew the manager, so I took some photos and sent them to the band and they really liked them and they offered me to become their officail photographer. And I said yes. It was great experience. I have toured with them for the past two years. I love working with them. Love that band! And they really became huge over time and I'm very proud of them. It was a great experience for me! Especially to work with a different culture, because they are all Japanese, and I love those people. I love Japan. That was my first time in Japan, I fell in love with it. My whole life I wanted to get to Japan. I love everything about the Japanese culture, I love the aesthetics so much. Touring with Japanese people was just amazing! Everything about it was amazing, I have absolutely nothing bad to say. the experience is amazing!"




Interview by HTBARP Magazine

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