Pierre Nakano on CINRA: Talk love for BABYMETAL, praises Su-Metal

Popular drummer Pierre Nakano was interviewed on CINRA to talk about the Idol Theory and his favorite Idol groups. Among them, he shares his love and dedication for BABYMETAL even from the very beginnings of Suzuka Nakamoto on Karen Girl's! Read a summary translated below. 


Pierre Nakano interviewed on CINRA talk BABYMETAL, Su-Metal & Kobametal

Pierre Nakano is a 36 years old drummer from Japan, drummer of the popular band "Ling Tosite Sigure". He is very well known BABYMETAL fan, once he published a photo after the BABYMETAL show "Kyodai  Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai" at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on June 21, 2015. Below there is a summary of the very long interview with Pierre Nakano on CINRA.NET. 


--Summary starts--


Pierre Nakano talks with love, Idol Theory. Why are you addicted?

Pierre Nakano has a deep knowledge about Idols and women groups. This time at Cinra.net he talks about his "love" for Perfume, Momoclo, BABYMETAL, etc. He uses the latest Sony earphones "XBA-N3" to listen his favorite songs from Perfume and BABYMETAL, just to get a deepest attention in the sound. 


-How did you become fan of BABYMETAL

Pierre Nakano: "Originally I checked Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" (BABYMETAL's main vocalist) from her fifth elementary school. It's that ok? (Laughs) She was one of the three "Karen Girl's", was a limited time group, but was awesome to go to see them live. I also liked the songs of "Karen Girl's" as well, DJ friends often play "Over the Future" in clubs (Released in 2008, first single)." 


-After that "Sakura Gakuin" stood up, and one of the activities was "BABYMETAL". 

"I see, metal unit... Suzuka chan vocals, her voice quality is great! Think about it. Actually listening to it, it's perfect. The producer Kobametal also said that he decided band's performance with her vocal quality.


Kobametal is a great metal lover, has a good sense and he is an excellent person. At the beginning they didn't know about metal at all, of course, I thought it was difficult to let a project about an Idol singing over Metal inside the company. "It's amazing to pursue!" I mean, they now sold out Tokyo Dome 2 Days! The members are still teenagers. There is also a "wonderfulness" in the group members and also struck my heart Kobametal's production ability and passion for metal."



-It's also very important that the members of the group own great techniques. 

"In Japan, if you search, there is a lot world class performers. It's a great achievement being sent out to the world in such format. That got results, got ranked on US Billboard Chart, the headline show at Wembley Arena. It's also great to see them being acclaimed by Metallica and other musicians abroad. Because became in like "I have to admit that!", it's also good for both management sides."


-Perfume and BABYMETAL are from the same office, do you see points in common in their styles?

"Their scale is gradually increasing in order. Don't make a stretch because they are making it bigger underlyingly steady, so fans will want to cheer that. Because you feel like you are chasing the dreams together.



Both groups believed that they could sell and that thought was high as their global level, but I'm sure there was a "No way!" too. The fact that they are doing more things that exceeds their imagination. Besides, Perfume, Momoclo (Momoiro Clover Z), BABYMETAL are insanely good girls. That's why they are loved by fans, I think their staff surrounding them it's very important. Probably is."

--End of summary--



Interview by: CINRA.NET

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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