Upcoming Kami Band members activities in November 2016

New report about the upcoming BABYMETAL Kami Band members activities for the month of November 2016. This month features Isao Fujita appearing in Italy, Mikio Fujioka hosting Seminars, Takayoshi Ohmura to host a new Guitar Seminar and performance with Miyu! Read all the details in English below. 


ISAO in Italy, Mikio & Takayoshi hosting guitar seminars, Kami Band November activities

Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura will be playing at Otsuka Hearts. For the first One Man live, "Miyu 5th Anniversary - World Metal Maker" on November 13 (Sunday). 


Event: Miyu 5th Anniversary - World Metal Maker

Date: November 13, 2016

Open doors 18: 00, show start at 18: 30 Japanese Time

Advance tickets: ¥ 4,000

At the venue tickets:: ¥ 4,500


In addition, Takayoshi will be hosting a live & seminar at 7th Code Musashi Muruyama Studio on November 26 (Saturday). 


Event: Takayoshi Ohmura Live & Seminar

7th Code Musashi Muruyama Studio 

Date: November 26, 2016

Open doors: 14:00 Japanese Time


Follow Takayoshi Ohmura: twitter.com/TakayoshiOhmura





Kami Band God Of Guitar Isao Fujita will be performing and hosting guitar clinics in Italy, dates as follows: 


November 19, Clinic in Roma

November 20, Show at SHG Festival

November 21, Clinic in Parabiago

November 24, Clinic in Voghera

November 25, Show in Udine

November 26, Clinic in Udine


Follow Isao Fujita on Twitter: twitter.com/Isao1229





Kami Band God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka will be hosting in collaboration with Shimamura Ebina a Guitar Seminar on November 12 and on November 13 at Music Base Extreme in Kanagawa City. 


Mikio Fujioka Guitar Seminars details: 

Date: November 12, 2016 (Saturday)

Venue: Shimamura Instruments Store in Lalaport Ebina Store

Open doors: 13:30 - Curtain: 14:00 Japanese time

General Tickets: 3780Yen (Tax included)

Tickets with Membership card: ¥ 3240 (Tax included) 


Date: November 13, 2016 (Sunday)

Venue: Music Base Extreme, Kanagawa City

Open doors: 14:30, start at: 15:00 Japanese Time

Tickets: ¥ 2000


Follow Mikio Fujioka on Twitter: twitter.com/mikio158cm

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