Yuimetal on Music Complex talk, Tokyo Dome impressions, Black BABYMETAL songs, Su & Moa, Rob Halford

Also Yui Mizuno as Yuimetal was interviewed on Music Complex Magazine Vol.07, she shared her thoughts about the preparations and impressions after the Tokyo Dome shows in September, the World Tour 2016 experience, their growth, playing Black BABYMETAL songs and the next steps for them. Interview translated below. 


Yuimetal interviewed on Music Complex Magazine Vol.07

Please tell us your frank opinion after the two days at Tokyo Dome are over.

Yuimetal: "They were two unforgettable days in my life. As I had kept striving nonstop since Wembley to Tokyo Dome, when I reached Tokyo Dome days all right with other members, staff and our fans, I was full of feelings of gratefulness."


When did you start to prepare for the Tokyo Dome performance? Please tell us about your enthusiasm at that time.

"I was informed of it at the same time as the audiences at Wembley were. But I couldn’t feel I was really gonna do that at first."


Not only during the first and the second day you had to perform all your past songs, but compared to all the live shows up to then, the stage was completely different. Did you feel any pressure or anxiety?

"I wasn't convinced, and wondered if we’ve had enough power to be a good match for Tokyo Dome. However, thanks to support from lots of people, we could get on the stage without problems."


What was your first impression when you entered the venue?

"Felt like ‘We made it! It’s Tokyo Dome!!!’ My heart became filled with more nerves and excitement than ever before."


In such enormous set with elevated walkways and also high and low places, all the members had to move with precise timing. How did you three, plus the band and your team prepare for all this?

"We just repeated everything again and again to master all of them."


How did you feel when you were looking at the audience of 55000 people from the top of the circular stage, during the opening of the first day, the "Red Night"?

"I couldn’t believe the spectacle was real."


What kind of emotions did you feel during the last song of the first day, "The One", when you saw the lights coming from the whole audience?

"The scene was the one I had been wanting to see. So I was very happy DEATH!"


Which scene from the first day, the "Red Night", is unforgettable for you?

"It was an awesome moment when I saw all the seats sparkle, which looked like a starlit sky. I wanna see that again."


How did you feel on the second day, the "Black Night", when at the end of the show you walked the pathways while shouting "WE ARE!" "BABYMETAL!"?

"I was feeling like ‘We have shot through! We have outrun!’"


Which is the scene you won't forget from the 2nd day, the "Black Night"?

"The calling for an encore at the end of the show. I felt grateful so much when we went upstairs and looked out over the venue, noticing that so many people were thinking about us."


During those two days, you as one of BLACK BABYMETAL performed four songs which were ‘GJ’, ‘Song 4’, Sis. Anger’ and ‘Onedari Daisakusen’. Every stirring-up was impressive, which represented unification of 55,000 audiences. Which scene from those is unforgettable for you?

"Since we ourselves decided how to stir up the audiences with ‘Song 4’, it was fun. I was so happy because everyone reacted to it."


What kind of things about dance performances are you keeping in your mind or giving care to especially?

"I’m always trying to be careful and dance with each movement wholeheartedly, showing it to the audiences, not just with all my strength…DEATH!!"


You said ‘In 2016, we three are taking high road, aiming the concentration of mind’ earlier. To you girls, what kind of opportunities for growth was the world tour?

"We dived into various worlds to have various experiences. So I think we have grown up more than our realization. I wanna advance more, aiming at higher level DEATH!!"


Looking back at this period of time starting from April, which is the most memorable thing for you?

"After all, it’d be the last show Tokyo Dome. I can’t forget the scene where all the seats were shining."


Once again, what can you say about the show at Wembley Arena, that was the starting point of this tour?

"To me, that feels like it happened long time ago. It was a happy time…where we could perform at that huge venue overseas and all of us could become one across the border."


Immediately after that, your performance on American television, and also this year you also toured around American cities. How was the response in America?

"I strongly felt that the presence of BABYMETAL had been bigger than last year. We’ll try to spread BABYMETAL more, DEATH!"


At the "AP Music Awards" in July, you performed together with Rob Halford of Judas Priest. What can you say about that experience?

"That was the first time for me to challenge myself with a guitar performance, which was fun. And Rob was a man who was kind and fantastic. I was able to have a precious experience."


During this Summer you performed at four big festivals in Japan, "Fuji Rock Festival", "Rising Sun Rock Festival", "Rock in Japan Festival" and "Summer Sonic". In all these festivals the fans were wild with excitement over your performance, but which one is the most memorable for YUIMETAL-san?

"It’s ‘Summer Sonic’ for me. I’m devoted to Summer Sonic because it was the first step to music festivals for us. We were so happy to perform at the very end of the festival."


YUIMETAL-san, what's your impression about SU-METAL-san's changes and development, as seen from your point of view?

"She is so sturdy, so I always feel reassured when I’m by her side. I revere her, who is heightening her SU-METAL-style more and more."


Same question about MOAMETAL, how do you feel she has changed and grown?

"MOAMETAL is a really special person to me. We have been experiencing all the performances together, making ourselves put even more confidence in each other. I’m very grateful that she is always by my side."


Tokyo Dome can be seen as the 'grand sum' of BABYMETAL. From now on, which objective would you like to aim at?

"I’ll gain headway in accordance with the revelation of the FOX GOD. I’d like to experience a variety of things and encourage a lot of people…DEATH!!"




Interview by: PIA Music Complex Vol.07, get it here.

Translation by: Shotablue

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