Su-Metal on Music Complex talk Tokyo Dome impressions, solo songs, Festivals in Japan, YuiMoa & next goals

Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" was interviewed on PIA Music Complex Magazine Vol.07. She is asked about the Tokyo Dome performances, her solo songs, playing Tales Of The Destinies, the best show of the World Tour 2016, festival performances in Japan, and the next goals. She also speaks about Yuimetal & Moametal! Diary translated in the following post. 


Su-Metal interviewed on Music Complex Magazine Vol.07

Please tell us your frank opinion after the two days at Tokyo Dome are over.

Su-Metal: "I thought, at last we were able to get there! I was deeply moved by the big chorus and the mystical atmosphere that's typical of Tokyo Dome."


When did you start to prepare for the Tokyo Dome performance? Please tell us about your enthusiasm at that time.

"We began to practice seriously immediatly after the summer festivals. But at that time we didn't have an actual feeling that we would perform at the Tokyo Dome."


Not only during the first and the second day you had to perform all your past songs, but compared to all the live shows up to then, the stage was completely different. Did you feel any pressure or anxiety?

"It was a center stage like at the Budokan, so intuitively I associated it to that show, and I felt almost no pressure. The only exception was our first performance of the song "Tales of the Destinies"."


What was your first impression when you entered the venue?

"Wow! This place is huge!!"


In such enormous set with elevated walkways and also high and low places, all the members had to move with precise timing. How did you three, plus the band and your team prepare for all this?

"We kept practicing over and over till we could bring the timing together. Also, I think it was because of all the teamworking skills we have acquired during this tour, and the power of Kitsune Sama."


How did you feel when you were looking at the audience of 55000 people from the top of the circular stage, during the opening of the first day, the "Red Night"?

"I was amazed when I saw it was so packed with people till the back, at 360 degrees. And at the same time, I had a feeling of anticipation when I thought of all the possible shows we could make in the future."


What kind of emotions did you feel during the last song of the first day, "The One", when you saw the lights coming from the whole audience?

"It was a magical, dreamlike experience. The One is a song we kept singing throughout the whole tour, and I feel with this song we all become as one. For this reason I consider it to be the culmination of this tour... I felt like every single one of those lights was exactly the destination of the road we have walked during this year."


Which scene from the first day, the "Red Night", is unforgettable for you?

"It's "Tales of the Destinies". I couldn't believe we would end up performing that song, so I was so happy. But on the other hand, the first day I was nervous the whole time till we played this song. I will never forget that amazing sense of relief when I finished singing the last part..."


How did you feel on the second day, the "Black Night", when at the end of the show you walked the pathways while shouting "WE ARE!" "BABYMETAL!"?

"Watching everyone's smile, I thought I want to be surrounded by these shouts of encouragement even more."


During the last "WE ARE!" call, when you left it to YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL and you smiled, I imagine you felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for this flawless performance. What was your actual feeling during that moment?

"If I could reproduce the voice of my heart during that moment, it would be something like "It's Tokyo Dome! We are surrounded by a lot of people and we made it!!""


Similarly, which is the scene you won't forget from the 2nd day, the "Black Night"?

"It's "Doki Doki Morning". When we started singing that song we could have never imagined the day would come when we would sing here, in front of so many people. So I was really moved thinking that BABYMETAL started from that, and we could make it till here!"


During these two days, you performed four solo songs, "Amore - Aoboshi", "Akumu no Rondo", "Akatsuki" and "No Rain no Rainbow". I had the impression that your voice was more relaxed and the expression in your eyes more challenging, I felt you have improved, compared to your performances up to now. What was your attitude when dealing with these songs?

"I wanted to sing them with a more 'grown-up' kind of feeling, especially "No Rain no Rainbow". I hadn't performed that song in three years, so I tried hard to express all the changes from back then."


What was the thing you kept in mind the most, while singing these songs?

"Being able to properly deliver the meaning of the lyrics. Being faithful to the image of the song, and the dancing."


This year's April, you said "I will train abroad in order to be a person worth of Tokyo Dome". In this world tour, which occasion do you think has been useful for this 'training'?

"I feel the biggest change when compared with last year was the fact that BABYMETAL has steadily become more and more known. It's something that makes me happy, but at the same time I felt the expectations about us increasing, the goal for us was set higher, but this way we could grow even more, I think."


Looking back at this period of time starting from April, which is the most memorable thing for you?

"Download Festival in the U.K. DEATH!! Before the performance, the rain has become heavier, we were about to start and maybe we wouldn't be able to begin the show, but everyone was kindly waiting for us. When we went on stage, there was an amazing view in front of us. The feeling of weariness from touring up to then instantly vanished. It was a short time of only 30 minutes, but we put everything we had into it, and it was really enjoyable."


Once again, what can you say about the show at Wembley Arena, that was the starting point of this tour?

"At the Wembley Arena, there were really a lot of people who were watching BABYMETAL for the first time, so at first everyone's feelings were a bit disconnected, but song after song I felt everyone becoming as one, I could learn the real meaning of "The One", so I think the fact that this tour could start at the Wembley Arena is of great significance."


Immediately after that, your performance on American television, and also this year you also toured around American cities. How was the response in America?

"I was surprised to see that even though the USA are a single country, their way they got into the mood and enjoyed the show was different from place to place. Making a new discovery every day was fun."


At the "AP Music Awards" in July, you performed together with Rob Halford of Judas Priest. What can you say about that experience?

"I could learn several things, like the way of doing the rehearsal, and how to act on stage. He had an amazing aura, and he was so cool."


During this Summer you performed at four big festivals in Japan, "Fuji Rock Festival", "Rising Sun Rock Festival", "Rock in Japan Festival" and "Summer Sonic". In all these festivals the fans were wild with excitement over your performance, but which one is the most memorable for Ms. SU-METAL?

"Summer Sonic DEATH!! We were headlining there for the first time, our first challenge has always been Summer Sonic, and this was our fifth appearance, so I was glad when I thought we could come this far!!"


Ms. SU-METAL, what's your impression about Ms. MOAMETAL's changes and development, as seen from your point of view?

"I think her readiness is amazing. For example, when I am at a loss for words during interviews, she assists me... she is somebody you can rely on."


Same question about Ms. YUIMETAL, how do you feel she has changed and grown?

"I think recently she feels a bit more at ease. Also, I'm not really a meticulous kind of person, and YUIMETAL has a good grasp of all the points that need to be checked, so she could help me many times."


Tokyo Dome can be seen as the 'grand sum' of BABYMETAL. From now on, which objective would you like to aim at?

"Up to now we moved forward with the goal of performing at the Tokyo Dome, but after performing there I thought that's not our final goal. Nobody really knows what will happen after this, but in December we will take part to Red Hot Chili Peppers tour, in our beloved England, so we will work hard in order to give an even better performance!!"




Interview by: PIA Music Complex Magazine Vol.07, get here

Translation by: Gakushabaka.

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