Su-Metal's message to fans after BABYMETAL winning 2  MTV VMAJ Awards

MTV Japan announced at the beginning of this month the winners of the MTV VMA Japan 2016. BABYMETAL was announced winner of "Best Album Of The Year" and "Best Metal Video" (Read here). After the Party at Shinkiba Studio Coast MTV published messages from the winners including a message from Suzuka Nakamoto, read the translation below. 


Message from Suzuka Nakamoto to fans after the MTV Video Music Awards Japan

Message from Su-Metal to BABYMETAL fans after the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2016 ceremony ended, MTV Japan published messages from the winners in the official website. Suzuka thanks to fans for the support and speaks how efforts from real life became part of "KARATE" lyrics and Music Video. 


---Message from Su-Metal: 

Our album "Metal Resistance" is "Best Album of the Year" and the music video for "KARATE" was awarded as "Best Metal Video", to everyone who voted and cheered for us, thank you! 


Since I think that this album has become one of the new sides of BABYMETAL, I pleased that was able to be recognized. Also, I'm glad that at the meaning expressed on "KARATE" music video 'overcome the past of ourselves, challenging and continue with honor, and keep going even if no longer can't stand up run!', what is exactly what we could learn experiencing through our live performances until now, I'm delighted that could take shape in form of a song DEATH!! 


The tour started with the launch of the album, along with the fans who got connected with the songs, crossing  beyond the walls of words, they become full of energy! 


The opportunities to accept such languages have been multiplied, so since now on we will keep looking for the things we can do, things that only we can do.



---End of message




Message from: MTV Japan

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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