BABYMETAL talk scary moments, horror movies, phobias & Halloween on Kerrang!

BABYMETAL was interviewed in the new issue of Kerrang Magazine in their special section about Halloween! Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal speak about scary moments, horror movies, phobias, and how scary is the FOX GOD! Check the scans and full interview transcribed below. 


BABYMETAL "The Beast from the East" featured on Kerrang's Halloween section

BABYMETAL "The Beast from the East" 

Japan's given us some of horror's darkest, most twisted movies ever - But will BABYMETAL be embracing the darkness this week? 


What's the most scared you've ever been in your lives?

Su-Metal: "It's difficult to choose the scariest moment in my life, but I always get super-anxious before festivals or our own headline shows, performing before tens of thousands of people.That's when my mind goes all over the place thinking,'What if...? What if...? What if no-one comes to watch us?' I know it's crazy, but that thought comes to mind. Another scary thing is that we never have any idea on what kind of prophecy will come next from the FOX GOD! Being in the dark can be nerve-wracking!" 


What phobias do you each have?

Yuimetal: "When we first started with BABYMETAL, I was afraid of metal music and what the metal bands looked like. Now that I have started to listen to metal and found out that the people behind metal music are all kind people I'm not afraid anymore!" 


Japan does horror movies better than pretty much anyone in the world - Why is this, do you think?

Su-Metal:"I'm really not one for horror movies so I don't watch them, but when touring outside of Japan, I hear that Japanese horror movies are popular abroad. I guess it's because of the ghosts — Japanese mythical spirits are very original to Japan and the visual presentation is very unique compared to horror movies originating from other countries."


BABYMETAL often utilise creepy imagery in photoshoots - Where does the inspiration for this come from?

Moametal: "We are constantly pressing forward through an uncharted path called Metal Resistance, so maybe our attitude of standing up against the unseen invincible forces and standing up for what we believe in is best depicted through our visual presentation!"


How does Japan traditionally celebrate Hallowe'en, and how will you be celebrating?

Moametal: "It is only recently that people started dressing up on Hallowe'en. It is starting to be a seasonal celebration like Christmas here.You also see a lot of Hallowe'en decorations hung up in the city and in malls and shops" 


Yuimetal: "In Japan there are more people who enjoy dressing up in costumes these days, just as people do overseas. I hope I can be part of all that myself!" 


Is the FOX GOD scary? The idea of a god who's also a FOX seems scary to us... 

Su-Metal: "I'm not sure if the FOX GOD looks like the foxes that are enshrined in Japanese temples because I've never met the FOX GOD. We don't know what kind of prophecy will come next, so the existence of the FOX GOD is scary in that way.The prophecies are always unpredictable but it always gives us wonderful opportunities as BABYMETAL




Article by: Kerrang Magazine, get here.

Scan by: Pepcok-Metal


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    Trial of BABYMETAL DEATH (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 14:56)

    I'm wearing a Karate-inspired costume for Halloween.. Black Night version. The White skull ghosts in the vid look best with lots of backlighting (I found out almost too late) switched to Black. If Yui comes asking for tomatoes, I'm gonna 'boo' her.