X Japan's Yoshiki on TBS News i "I think BABYMETAL is doing very well"

X Japan's leader Yoshiki was interviewed by TBS News i to talk about the X Japan's movie "We Are X", Yoshiki was asked about BABYMETAL and their actual popularity of the Japanese culture around the world. Watch the segment of the interview with English subtitles below. 


Yoshiki from X Japan speaks about BABYMETAL on TBS News i

BABYMETAL was mentioned by Yoshiki leader of X Japan in interview with TBS News i. Yoshiki is promoting X Japan's movie "We Are X" which is being released around the world in 2016, "We Are X" is a 2016 British documentary film about the Japanese heavy metal band X Japan and its co-founder, drummer, pianist and leader Yoshiki.


TBS News i asked Yoshiki about BABYMETAL's success and Japanese popularity abroad, Yoshiki mentioned that as Sushi and Anime Japanese music is getting popularity and "BABYMETAL is doing very well"


Watch the segment of the interview translated below!



Video courtesy of: Terimetal

Translation by: Shotablue


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