Suzuka Nakamoto is #4 on: Ranking of "junk" Idols that college students love

Suzuka Nakamoto is featured on Ameba News in an article about "Junk Idols", they use this play of words to create a survey between college students to know which graduated Idols they love, Su-Metal is #4! Learn how this survey works, and what students think about Suzuka Nakamoto. Ameba News article translated below. 


Suzuka Nakamoto is #4 on "Junk Idols General Election"

Haruka Shimazaki of AKB48 or Anai Chihiro of HKT48, for both of which their graduation was recently decided, are Idols denominated "Junk". Rather than meaning that their presence doesn't reach the status of "Idol", it is more like there is a "missing feeling" about them, seems there is a familiar impression from fans.  Among those "Junk Idols", in order to determine who is the most popular of all of them, a "Junk Idols General Election" took place, polling over 400 college students! So, who will shine in the first place?


Please tell us your favorite Idol, which is referred as "Junk Idol"

01- AKB48 Haruka Shimazaki 77 people (19.2%)

02- Momoiro Clover Z Kanako Momota Takanako 74 people (18.4%)

03- Nogizaka46 Rina Ikoma 44 people (10.9 percent)

04- BABYMETAL Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL) 37 people (9.2%)

05- Nogizaka46 Reika Sakurai 23 people (5.7%)



Now let's take a look of the opinions from the first to the fifth place. 


04- BABYMETAL Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal) 

-Because her strongness and cuteness coexist together - Male, 23 years old, College 4th Grade

-Because she plays in large stages - Male, 23 years old, College 4th Grade

-Su-chan is loved from a long time ago, I think I was attracted by her cool face that has a surprising natural substance Female, 21 years old, College 4th Grade

-Because of her natural skills for singing - Female, 18 years old, College 1st Grade


Survey date: October 2016

Surveyed people: College men and women, 402 people in total. 199 Male and 203 Women




Article by: Ameba News

Translation by: Maik Gianino

Notes: 1) The word "Junk" this time is not used literally as junk, it's just a play of words because are graduated Idols. 

2) Only Suzuka Nakamoto's opinions section was translated, for the others please visit Ameba News. 

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