Oricon Style: BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome premiere masterpiece corset  worn by 110.000 enthusiastics

Oricon Style show report from the BABYMETAL performances at Tokyo Dome on September 19 and September 20 for "Legend Metal Resistance, Red Night & Black Night", the last shows of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016. Read the report translated below.


Oricon Style show report from BABYMETAL "Red Night & Black Night" at Tokyo Dome

The Metal dance unit trio, BABYMETAL held performances at Tokyo Dome for "BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 Legend Metal Resistance - Red Night & Black Night" on September 19 and September 20. There was no MC or Encore for Su-Metal (18) in the vocals, Yuimetal (17) and Moametal (17) in charge of screaming and dance, and put on their wholehearted performance in two days with a total of 25 pieces of music. They showed off the performance in a 360 degree center stage for a like-intoxicated audience of 110.000 fans wearing corsets in their necks. 


The third World Tour was performed in the UK, United States and eight countries including 22 live performances. In "Red Night", the first day, played 13 songs mainly from ther second album "Metal Resistance" (Released on April 1), in "Black Night" the second day, a list of 12 songs were made mainly from their debut album "BABYMETAL" (Released on February 26).


In the first day the three girls raised the big flags wearing their Black & Gold costumes in the sky stage installed in the center of the Dome. In their biggest battle of their history the courtains opened for "Road Of Resistance".


The circular stage turned, and drove crazy the audience while the members ran around, and then BABYMETAL had the chance to show their widely known worldwide "Gimme Chocolate". Then shown "KARATE". Was impressive the large chorus while the crystal corset distributed to all visitors was shining in white during "THE ONE English Ver."


In the last day, the members appeared wearing their trademark Black & Red costumes appearing in the tip of three coffins in a kind of runaway extended from the center of the stage, where was launched "BABYMETAL Death". They showcased solo songs in which Su-Metal's voice went through a great growth, the facinanting performance by Yuimetal & Moametal using their whole body in their unit song. 


The last musical pieces were "Megitsune", "Head Bangya" from their early periods and concluded with the representative "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". When the intro begins the red light from the corset iluminates the audience in "red", they rocked the venue with 55.000 people doing the "Dame Jump".


While the three girls walked back in the runaway with big smiles looknig forward to the call & response with "We Are!" "BABYMETAL!", the last live of the World Tour ended with a huge gong in the sky stage sounded out by Su-Metal




Article by: Oricon Style

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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