Newswire Anniversary Celebrations: BABYMETAL Funko Figures Set Giveaway!

October is here and is our anniversary month! We are about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary online on October 17 but we want to give you back all your love and support hosting different activities to celebrate closing with a very exclusive interview! In this second celebration event we are giving away a the full set "BABYMETAL Funko Figures", Su-Metal, Yuimetal & Moametal! Learn how to win and participate below! 


Win the Full Set of "BABYMETAL Funko Figures" !!

Welcome to our First Giveaway to celebrate our anniversary! Our 2nd Anniversary is on October 17, 2016 until then we are going to host some celebration events closing with a very exclusive interview to give you back all your love and support during these 2 years journey online sharing information about BABYMETAL, Kami Band and Sakura Gakuin


Thi second celebration event will give you the chance to get the full set of the "BABYMETAL Funko Figures" released last year! Thanks to the votes of you on Twitter, the second prize was decided!


How to win the BABYMETAL Funko Set?

Every single BABYMETAL fan has his favorite song from "BABYMETAL", favorite song from "Metal Resistance", favorite "Live DVD/Bluray". And also favorite BABYMETAL Member! So, in order to make it difficult but also fun, as excuse to participate we need you to vote for your Favorite BABYMETAL Member but also your favorite Kami Band Member! 


Rules to participate: 

1-Fill the form below with your favorite BABYMETAL & Kami Band member! (Kami Band member is optional)

2-Post in the comments section telling us who is your favorite BABYMETAL member and why. If you want to tell us who is your favorite Kami Band member too would be great but that's optional.

3-Link a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account in order to reach you in case you win!

4-Must follow us in at least one of our Social Networks! FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM 


Deadline: October 14, 2016 (Friday) at 23:59 Japanese Time. 

Winner selection: Will be selected randomly. 

Winner announcement: October 15, 2016 (Saturday) at 10:00 Japanese Time 

*Don't forget add a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram address in the comments section (Website part) in order to reach you in case you win!

*Don't forget to follow us on at least one social network, linked above and below! 


Thank you for join us once again and good luck! 

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BABYMETAL Favorite member is: Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto)

Kami Band Favorite member is: BOH

GIVEAWAY WINNER DECIDED! Congratulations to: Rodrigo ML comment #84


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Comments: 102
  • #1

    CHRIS-METAL (Sunday, 09 October 2016 22:34)

    Moa is definitely my favorite member. She's just the most fun loving, and seems the best to hang with.

  • #2

    Mike Hockenson (Sunday, 09 October 2016 22:40)

    Twitter = @MikeHockjr

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is Su-Metal. She is an amazing singer and has incredible energy. I hope they whole group is around for a very long time.
    My favorite Kami Band member is Boh. He is most definitely the God of Base and a great talent. Very approachable on twitter and seems like a very cool guy.

  • #3

    Andre Lescano (Sunday, 09 October 2016 22:40)

    My favorite member is Su-Metal because SU :)

  • #4

    Hector Nunez (Sunday, 09 October 2016 22:42)

    Moa and Takayoshi are my favorite because I believe sometime in the future Moa can collaborate with Mr Ohmura on a tag team guitar festival on their own. And also Moa is an amazing singer and dancer on stage. Pure dedication and sacrifices on both of them onstage.

  • #5

    Laura (Sunday, 09 October 2016 22:49)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is Moa-Metal she's my favorite because she has come so far since she was in Sakura Gakuin, she always tried her best at everything she did, she also has a great sense of humor and a gorgeous smile. Her energy during live performances is amazing and I just love her for being so charismatic..

    My favorite KamiBand member is BoH, he's my favorite because he always does this cute dance when he plays the bass and I think that's adorable, plus also no one is better than him at playing Bass.

  • #6 (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:03)

    Yuimetal love is too kawaii is always smiling and makes a lot of energy and transmits its charm!

    and Hideki is excellent musician has enough experience and is very good at his job and is an excellent musician, is very technical and executes everything perfectly

  • #7

    Michael Ayala (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:05)

    Yui, she's just the best and cutest

  • #8

    Bia Medina (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:08)

    Moa is pure sympathy and Boh is involved in the shows.
    Here in Brazil we do not have Babymetal products to buy. I would love to participate, thank you!

  • #9

    Rick Wagner (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:17)

    Su-metal is my favorite BABYMETAL member because her singing talent is the central hub that the group revolves around.
    Takayoshi Ohmura is my favorite KAMI band member because he is funny and active on his Twitter account.

  • #10

    Randi Guadalupe Garcia flores (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:17)

    Sumetal is a woman with great destiny, one mission for complete
    Fox God choose Suzuka Nakamoto because your soul is pure and full of courage. There is no woman like her
    Change the world of metal, save the souls of dirty
    Su metal become into a Messiah
    One day Fox God put all universe in the hands of your chosen one
    Suzuka Nakamoto.
    Boh is a knight of metal full of royalty blood of music metal
    I think he is one great soldier of Suzuka Messiah

  • #11

    Gabriela Espinosa (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:21)

    I really like the three of them but if I have to choose one, I voted for Su-Metal. I really love her voice, stronger than Yui and Moa. I was really surprise when I heard her in Akatsuki, Amores and No Rain No Rainbow. She still has a bright future ahead.

  • #12

    Brian Jones (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:42)

    Moametal since she is always full of energy. She always goes all out at every concert. Also since she is always having fun when on stage or off.

  • #13

    Camilo (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:51)

    Favourite member has always been Moa because she's always been the one that goes out of her way to show her true self onstage. She genuinely looks like she's having the time of her life during every performance. Plus, who wouldn't fall in love with such cute smiles?

  • #14

    Matheus Souza (Sunday, 09 October 2016 23:52)

    MOA!!! In interviews and live she seems to be very cheerful and charismatic. She and Yui are so kawai, but Kikuchi are my best :P

  • #15

    RafaelS (Monday, 10 October 2016 00:06)

    My Favorite BABYMETAL member is Moa because she is adorable and funny :]

  • #16

    GKLJulian (Monday, 10 October 2016 00:17)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is Moa.,she is cute and funny :)


  • #17

    Martin L.. Tobing (Monday, 10 October 2016 00:46)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is Su-Metal, because I really love her voice. And I love her expression on stage.
    I dont have any particular favorite Kami Band member, I like them all equally

  • #18

    Raimundo (Monday, 10 October 2016 01:13)

    MOA is my favorite member. Because she's a very beautiful and nice SuperLady. Also she's sensitive and spontaneous. Her smile can cure the depression and her eyes can contain the whole universe.... kawaii and sugoi.
    My favorite Kami Band member is BOH, because he's so cool and nice... the real god of bass
    Twitter: @Rai_Barr

  • #19

    Reza Maulana (Monday, 10 October 2016 01:18)

    I Like YUIMETAL Because She's Got Cute Voice Sweet Smile and of Course The Best BLACK BM For Me :)
    Facebook :
    Twitter :
    Instagram :

  • #20

    San Ku Kaï (Monday, 10 October 2016 01:58)

    Happy Birthday, BABYMETALNewswire!
    My twitter.: @JohnnyThebetter

  • #21

    PutYourKitsuneUp (Monday, 10 October 2016 01:59)

    My fave member of the main group is Moa for sure, she's so charismatic and expressionate, so much fun and generally gorgeous tbh.

    Boh is my fave Kami for similar reasons. For me, the Alamo sometimes fade into the background a little, but Boh definitely stands out, like Leda did.
    I like you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter but would prefer contact through my Instagram, SakuraMetalDeath.

  • #22

    Diego (Monday, 10 October 2016 02:23)

    My favorite BM member is SU-METAL because she has such a powerful and beautiful voice. Also, I enjoy to see over and over again her funny (and clever) answers on the SG tests.
    Again, congratulations for your 2nd anniversary.

  • #23

    Matthew (Monday, 10 October 2016 02:39)

    Yuimetal is my favourite as chokotto love is my favourite solo song.

  • #24

    Skull Heezay (Monday, 10 October 2016 02:40)

    My favorite member of the girls is Su-Metal, Suzuka Nakamoto. Why? Because she is an amazing singer and artist. Her voice is so close to perfection. Her way to sing is unique, I love the way she performs in the band. I love the way her voice really transmits emotions when she is singing. I knew she was the closest thing to perfection when I first saw her the Gimme Chocolate video for the first time.. Asides from her superior vocal ability, she has an imposing stance. Her gaze is so powerful that you can feel the leadership that emanates from her.. In the interviews she always answer with a strong confident in herself. In the live acts she has the ability to make you cry in a very emotional way, like in the Legend 1997 concert when she did the Akatsuki (Unfinished) performance. Akatsuki is my favorite song of BABYMETAL, the lyrics, the music, and obviously, the vocals are so beautiful. And then, I watched that version of the the song, and I completely fell in love with the song, with Su-Metal and my love, already so high for the band, grew even more. The live performance of Akatsuki (Unifinished) at Legened 1997 really made cry. It was never happened with any other song or band. It was a cry of sadness cause that's the feeling that the song transmitted to me, but at the same time it was a cry of happiness, cause the singing is beautiful, really beautiful. I had have never listened such an emotional singing before. It's the best singing I've listened. And it will have no equal. Nothing can compare to such masterpiece.
    And this is why my favorite member of BABYMETAL, my favorite band is Suzuka Nakamoto, Su-Metal. PUT YOUR KITSUNE UP!

    Now it's Kami- Band time. My favorite member of the Kami-Band is Takayoshi Ohmura. He is one of the most talented guitar players I've ever seen. He has an amazing technique to play the guitar with a unique style. He really is a Guitar God. Also I feel that he is the most charismatic member of the Kami-Band. He's always headbanging and feeling the moment. He has become one of my biggest favorite artist, along with Su-Metal. And I know it will take a lot, a lot of work, but I hope to play guitar like him.


  • #25

    Hairul Rohani (Monday, 10 October 2016 03:06)

    This is a tough one, I really liked Moa-Metal but Su-Metal will always be my fovourite member of Babymetal due to the fact that she have a strong stage presence and amazing vocal range.. Her voice fits the metal genre perfectly! and Boh is my favorite Kami Band member as he is a skilled musician and he always groove to the beat of the music and his showmanship does not disappoint!

  • #26

    Iskandar Azmi (Monday, 10 October 2016 03:39)

    Yui is my absolute fave as she is the cutest in my opinion. She is the quietest in the group like in interviews. That is what that makes her freaking cute. She seems so innocent it make her so precious. Also, BOH is just a beast on the bass. His energy on stage is incomparable to the others even when the whole band is hype af. His facial expressions are priceless. Overall a beast on the bass.


  • #27

    Maja (Monday, 10 October 2016 04:35)

    Shiro_Chan_Desu is My instagram address ^^

  • #28

    terry hosick (Monday, 10 October 2016 04:52)

    i love moa because of the way she sings and dances plus the facial expressions god of drums because i play the drums

  • #29

    Asyraf Okumura (Monday, 10 October 2016 05:03)

    My Favourite Babymetal member is obviously MOA-METAL CAUSE SHE IS BAE!!!❤❤❤❤ no words to describe these feelings hahahahah !!!!........and my favourite kami band member is BOH cause the way he plays the bass is so inspiring....hopefully i win cause im broke so i couldn't buy the figurines... : (

  • #30

    Carlos (Monday, 10 October 2016 05:49)

    It's hard to choose between all of them... But I've chosen MoaMetal and BOH.

    Moa is my favourite because she's always smiling and in my opinion is the funniest member. She's always working so hard to learn new things.

    And BOH is my other favourite member because I play bass since I was a kid and he's like one of my inspirations to keep working and learning about that instrument. He's also the funniest member on stage, so I hope I can see them live someday.

    See you!

  • #31

    Ama-metal (Monday, 10 October 2016 06:05)

    hmmmm.... hard to decide who is my favorite member in babymetal because i love this girls :D
    yeah, let me tell about it, my favorite member in babymetal is QueenSu or Su-metal. i love her singing with powerful voice, unique personality, she can be kawaii and badass at the same time on the stage, she is very charismatic, attractive girls and also i love her death stare because her death stare can intimidate to metalheads audience :)

    for kami band member, i choose takayoshi ohmura-san as my favorite member.. he has guitar skill above average, cutest face in kami band :3, and has a lot experience with marty friedman

    i hope i can win this "lottery" because i really want su-metal funko pop figures for my collection :)
    here's my twitter account : and my facebook account : so you can reach me if i win this giveaway

  • #32

    IG : kireyasui (Monday, 10 October 2016 06:18)

    YUIMETAL!!!!! Because she's so elegant and adorable. Kawaiiness overloading <3
    Ohmura-san because of how he interacts with the audiences xD

  • #33

    Hiago Felipe de Souza (Monday, 10 October 2016 07:11)

    Minha favorita é a Moametal, porque ela passa uma sensação de felicidade, ela sempre está sorrindo, sempre extrovertida, e também mesmo quando se machuca em algum show continua até o final provando que é uma verdadeira guerreira.
    A mais amada.

  • #34

    JM Camain (Monday, 10 October 2016 07:35)

    I Choose Moa as my Favorite member because I love the way of her Dancing and she looks like my friend and she loves to eat too
    I love the other 2 girls too but because of Moa's Cuteness Sweetness and being crazy (hahaha) I like her so much and she is the first babymetal member I've known

    And my Favorite Kami band member is BOH (The God of Bass) I like him beacuse he is bald and he looks like saitama in One Punch man and i like to learn how to play a bass but i didnt have enough money to buy it hahaha

  • #35

    Marlon Montemayor (Monday, 10 October 2016 08:06)

    1. Favorite BabyMetal are All of them but if i need too choose only one its MOA-Metal(Moa Kikuchi) i always love Moa since she's the energetic member and the type of person that give happiness to the members(Babymetal,SakuraGauin) and also to the Fukei/Babymetal fans.
    2. Favorite Kami Band Member is Hideki Aoyama(god of drums). I always love the sound of drums thats why i like him and the fact that he fulfill his fathers dream to play on tokyo dome is always giving me feels..
    3. twitter: , Facebook: Insta:
    4. Already followed all of your social media accounts.

  • #36

    OngMK (Monday, 10 October 2016 08:28)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is SU-metal. I like her powerful voice..

  • #37

    Andrew (Monday, 10 October 2016 08:48)

    I love Boh hes just such a good bassist he has fast fingers and i love his energy on stage it just adds to the performance

  • #38

    Sergio González (Monday, 10 October 2016 08:51)

    Hi everyone.
    Well, what should I say about Moa. She's the most beautiful girld that I've ever seen, her smile makes my day everyday. I always love to see her pretty face everywhere. She is supper funny, smily, and her dance and voice are super kawaii. I fell in love with her. もあたんのことが本当に大好き
    And my favourite Kami Band memer is BOH, he's the first basser that gives me the chance to say "Wow, he rocks".
    And that's all folks, good luck
    Twitter: @SergioBlade

  • #39

    Reza Maulana (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:01)

    I Like YUIMETAL Because She Has Beutifull Voice, Cute Face And Of Course The Best Black BABYMETAL For Me
    And I Like BOH Because He's Badass With His Bass And Bald :)

  • #40

    Trail of BABYMETAL DEATH (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:02)

    aka BAT-METAL!

    I'll put my favorites up, even though I strongly disagree with using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for anything. I do need a third set of FunkoPops! :-D

    This contest forces us to take love points away from two angels from heaven. THIS IS A TRAP! The resulting hurt feelings are your responsibilities, not ours, BNW!! :-D All three BABYMETAL angels will make you suffer for this :-D

    Babymetal would not survive without Suzuka Nakamoto.. She is the emotional center of the band, obviously. I truly believe most rock bands would replace their own vocalist with Su, or would quit their own bands to support her singing for BABYMETAL.. She's that good, and all musicians become aware of this fact in about 2 seconds

    BABYMETAL sort of claims to be a speed metal/death metal band, so the one consistant thread through all their songs.. be they techno based, hard rock, prog rock, math metal.. is the drumming. This really defines the 'metal' part of BABYMETAL more than anything else. So, Hideki Aoyama or Yuya Maeta - you guys are the metal heart and soul of KAMI BAND.

    Honorable mention to MIKIKO (also a core member) and of course Koba. And whoever designes the stages.. And whoever came up with the awesome iconography.

    I will stop now.. I can go on about this for thousands of words!

    Thanks BMNW!

  • #41

    gienoe (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:03)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member has definitely got to be Su. She is one of the main reasons why BM has been so such a success worldwide, if Koba had chosen a different girl to be the main vocals I doubt they would have reached the same success that they have now. And of course Su's voice is really beautiful and has a great range. Admittedly I did not like BM when I first listened to them and the only good side I saw was that Su was a great singer. I also love how different she is from what we see on stage, she is as we all know a queen when she is performing and when off stage as Sakura Gakuin fans know that Su is a bit of a clumsy girl and a bit of a scatterbrain which for me makes her all the more charming.

    As for my favorite Kami band member I am conflicted between BOH and Ohmura since both are very iconic Kami band members, but in the end I'd have to go with Ohmura since even though they're mostly supporting the girls from the background and they only get a short glimpse of the spotlight Ohmura knows how to stand out, even when he is in the light you can still see him performing full of energy and interacting with the crowd, plus cool pink guitar

  • #42

    Ilham Syaputra (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:06)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is........ Moametal of course. The reason why is I don't really understand but whenever I watch BABYMETAL Video my eyes is always autofocus on Moa, maybe it's because of her dimples hahaha. But seriously, I love her because I think she has a great personality and also has a mature side (I hope you understand what I mean, I'm not a native speaker so my english is not really good). She has a funny side too, just like in the Sakura Gakuin Video, from the little Moa to Moa now is so cute. She also has a sweet and beautiful smile, that is also always made my days. I think that's all the reason why I love her. I hope my comment will be considered as a winner because I really want the prize hahaha

    here is my Instagram account :

  • #43

    Jonathan Gamboa (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:11)

    I chose Moa-metal because she is always smiling and happy on stage and she looks like she is always having fun singing and dancing while also interacting with the crowd through her smiles. She always looks happy to be on stage and if she could, she would interact with the crowd as well. Hideki is an amazing kami band member and I play drum set too and all the parts in the songs are so hard to do but yet he makes it look very easy and I want to soon play those parts one day. My Twitter account is Jonathan Gamboa @CrazyN1nja117 and I hope I win!! /m\

  • #44

    CavZee (Monday, 10 October 2016)

    My favorite is Su-Metal because of her immense talent, her stage presence, and the fact that she is more or less a big sister for Yui and Moa. It's also quite remarkable how she is such a silly girl off stage but transforms into such a stoic and passionate singer when it becomes "showtime".

    Favorite Kami Band member is Takayoshi Ohmura easily. He's an ultra skilled and energetic guitarist who never holds back on whipping that hair around in true headbanging fashion. \m/
    Also he's pretty funny on twitter. Lol

    My Twitter is @cavzstarburst

  • #45

    Lau Cun Sang (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:19)

    I love Moa-chan very much <3

  • #46

    Lau Cun Sang (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:22)

    I love Moa-chan very much <3

  • #47

    Marsel (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:32)

    My favourite Babymetal member:
    I love all three members! But if i had to choose one favorite member, it would be Su-Metal. This is because of her powerful vocals that dominate whatever arena they perform in, and also the way she seems to always be in control of everything (dancing and singing can be very difficult - but she pulls it off flawlessly). I especially am captivated by the way she plays the audiences emotions when she's on stage. She knows very well how to move the crowd, case in point: her stare at the beginning (Wall of death) part of the "Metal Resistance" music video.

    My favorite Kami Band member
    Definitely the amazing Takayoshi Ohmura! his skills are out of this world. His solos speak to me in a very surreal level. i especially am enthralled by the way he physically expresses his musical soul. When he plays the guitar, you can feel his energy emanating through his body and facial expressions!

    Both these characters; a gargantuan force to behold. I can see why the Kitsune God chose them.

  • #48

    Wannarat Tanapanyaworakul (Monday, 10 October 2016 09:54)

    Moametal cause she's the cutest

  • #49

    Renan Rodrigues Dantas (Monday, 10 October 2016 11:34)

    Su-Metal is my favorite because she is so talented and naturelly beautiful that's stole my heart

  • #50

    Michael Milnes (Monday, 10 October 2016 11:49)

    My favourite babymetal member is yuimetal because she super cute and her smile can melt anyones heart and brighten up anyones day and I also love her obsession with tomatoes.
    My favourite kami band is boh because he always looks happy which makes me happy.

  • #51

    Chau M. Tran (Monday, 10 October 2016 11:55)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is Yui because of her cuteness and her lovely voice. It's also nice watching her opening up in different interviews as you can see that she's often more reserved than Su & Moa. I'd love to hear her individual song one day!
    My favorite Kami Band member is Aoyama Hideki - well mainly because I love drums, but seriously his energy at lives are amazing. And there are those funny faces he makes to the girls too.!

  • #52

    juan carlos monreal ramirez (Monday, 10 October 2016 12:05)

    mi cantante favorito sería moa kikuchi porque comparte gustos parecidos a los míos pues heya ve anime

  • #53

    MipoMetal (Monday, 10 October 2016 12:53)

    Hi there,
    I picked Yui as my favourite Babymetal menber, but it was a really hard decision since I love all three of them. Moa for her funny faces when she talks about food, Su for her incredible voice and her beauty, but in the end Yui's magical smile wins over all.
    Again hard to decide to pick the Kami Band member, cause they all are so great musicians and without them I believe there would be no Babymetal. I picked Boh cause he was fascinating me with his stage acting from the very beginning.

    Here's my Twitter: @MipoMetal

  • #54

    Diego Cordero (Monday, 10 October 2016 13:27)

    My favorito member of BabyMetal is Moa Kikuchi because Moa has a beatiful smile and his attitude on stage is positive and I like his energy.
    BOH is my favorite kami band member because BOH Is really good in the bass.

  • #55

    @Adrian_Lozcor (Monday, 10 October 2016)

    Moa is my favorite Babymetal member because shes so lively, so full of spirit and she's funny and very cute too, and MIkio is my favorite Kami Band member because of his guitar playing and he´s kinda funny too.

  • #56

    Toth Adam (Monday, 10 October 2016 14:42)

    My favorite BABYMETAL member is MOAMETAL, i love her performance the incredible power in her dance.. I always smile when she do the "saves" in the live shows. And i love her smile and dimples.

  • #57

    Lei Tirimaco (Monday, 10 October 2016 15:20)

    Favourite BABYMETAL member: Moa-metal, 'cause she's beautiful, a good dancer and singer, I love her voice and her personality, she's funny and cute! I love her❤
    Kami Band member: Takayoshi Ohmura, I'm so in love with him

  • #58

    Pedro Henrique (Monday, 10 October 2016 15:33)

    My favourite member of BABYMETAL is Su-metal, because I love to your voice and your professionalism.
    My member favourite of Kami Band is BOH, because he is very funny.

  • #59

    Cesar Martinez (Monday, 10 October 2016 15:51)

    Me gustan las tres, pero si tuviera que elegir a una, me quedaría con Suzuka, ella tiene la presencia y la voz. :) (Y también es muy linda)

  • #60

    Ishimaru Kinji (Monday, 10 October 2016 16:34)

    I love babymetal i hope they release more albums soon these girls aren't singing for money they're doing it because they love singing and dancing and to sread a message to all teenage girls

  • #61

    Raimundo (Monday, 10 October 2016 17:03)

    mi favorita es MOA porque es el Ángel del Amor, su sonrisa cura la depresión y sus ojos pueden contener el universo kawaii entero. Ella es irresistiblemente hermosa, simpatica, espontanea y amorosa. Cuando ella llora, su llanto no es signo de debilidad sino más bien refleja la fuerza inconmensurable que existe en su corazón. MOA brilla y hace al mundo brillar con ella.
    De la Kami mi favorito es BOH porque siempre entrega toda su energía arriba del escenario, además es simpatico y cool.
    Twitter: @Rai_Barr

  • #62

    Diether Olaño (Monday, 10 October 2016 17:21)

    My favorite is Mizuno Yui, She is my favorite because she dance gracefully and she is so kawaiii!! My favorite kami member is Boh. He always rocks the stage every time he performs his solo..

  • #63

    NakamotoLove (Monday, 10 October 2016 18:05)

    Hi! Thank you so much for doing this ^^

    My favourite Babymetal´s member is Suzuka or Su-metal, whatever you like to call her. Thanks to her I rediscovered my love for metal music and also I can listen to others J-pop artists which I could have never listened to if it wasn´t thanks to her. I think of her as a new role model for the new generations, same goes to Yui and Moa. I´m 100% sure that she will be one of the most influent voices of this century and I hope she could achieve her dreams and be a song-writer some time.

    And my favourite Kami-band member is Ohmura. I´m in love with her guitar skills and with Pink-chan, I think he is an awesome guitarist and I´m glad he is part of BM, he will be another legend too.

    Thanks again and sorry if there´s any grammar error!

  • #64

    JORGE ESLAVA (Monday, 10 October 2016 19:30)

    My Favorite member is SU-METAL, because she is a cute woman, she is amazing, is more than a woman, she is my queen.
    in my first video of babymetal, megitsune, in the moment to i see SU-METAL, i loved BABYMETAL, her movements,her voice, she is a good leader.
    i love it <3


  • #65

    Pedro Paulo Poloni (Monday, 10 October 2016 19:46)

    My favorite member is Yui-chan!! >u< The first Babymetal video that I saw was Gimme Chocolate, and since when I saw Yuimetal in all her cuteness and cheeks., immediately loved her.

  • #66

    Asyraf Okumura (Monday, 10 October 2016 20:00)

    My Favourite babymetal member is Moa-Metal because there is no words to describe he cuteness!! My favourite kamiband member is BOH because he is the god of bass....

  • #67

    Isaac Vizcarra (Monday, 10 October 2016 20:11)

    (Yui-Metal) porque es demasiado kawaii !!!

  • #68

    Ismael de Jesus (Monday, 10 October 2016 20:36)

    i am vote for Su-Metal that is the most important group because she gave voice to babymetal especially all the group´s songs. and was one og the firstin a moa and yui liked before, Su-metal has a sincere character would be, tender, playful and beautiful so vote for her, but never leave behind moa and yui. and I love all the group of Kami band and Babymetal (Yui,Moa,Suzuka)

  • #69

    leigh (Monday, 10 October 2016 21:31)

    My favorite Babymetal member is Suzuka. We're both born in 1997, but it surprises me how talented she is. She's the type of performer who really immerses herself when performing, and I find that aura of hers, as SUmetal, really amazing. She also has incredible energy, to the point that when you watch their concerts, you never feel bored or become disinterested. Most importantly, I am a huge fan of her voice. I'm the type of person that when I hear an amazing singing voice, I get goosebumps. That only happens when I listen to a few singers. Suzuka is one of those few. Her powerful voice is one that really captivates anyone who listens. And it is through her voice that I get to feel the emotions in a song, even if I don't understand Japanese. She really is amazing. (Plus, I live her clumsy side, too. She's my happy virus.)

    BOH is my favorite Kami band member because I find him truly fun. During concerts, he seems to be having so much fun, he even dances at times. I find him cute, and he plays the bass really well. Plus, I like the fact that he changes his face paint every now and then. Go for BOH!

  • #70

    gustrio (Monday, 10 October 2016 21:33)

    My favourite BABYMETAL member is Moametal. A girl with lovely smile and full of fun but she has also professionalism dedication, Moa's hard work turned her from zero (when she started Sakura Gakuin) to this present high level. My favourite KAMI Band member is Takayoshi Ohmura. He has high level skill, funny in scary mask and always tries interact with audience.. Someday, Moa and Ohmura will do guitar battle again like they did in APMAS 2016.

  • #71

    Suzanne (Monday, 10 October 2016 21:47)

    I would first like to state that I love all 3 Members and the Kami Band, they make up who BABYMETAL really are.

    However, there's just something about Kikuchi Moa, MoaMetal, that captures my heart and attention ever since she was a member of Sakura Gakuin. In terms of individuality, she's the most adorable, unique and down to earth among all the members! She has a great sense of humour and her great charisma ability allows her to draw the attention of everyone around her. Plus, she always make the absolute kutest and interesting facial expressions, regardless of whether it’s during a live performance or an interview. In terms of skills, shes very talented - she sings well, her dances are powerful and on point! She's always full of energy and gives everything she has in every performance! Though, her professionalism truly shines when she encounters problems on stage and immediately finds a way to solve it with her quick thinking. Recently, she has become such a beautiful young lady, how time flies~ Most importantly, she will always be the reason I smile! I could honestly go on and on about her, but I'll wrap it up here (laughs). #SuperMoaChan #MoaMetalIsTheBestMetal #NoMoaNoLife <3

    As for my favourite Kami Band Member, I would have to say the God of Bass - Boh! The way he plays Bass so passionately on stage, touches me. I like how he genuinely supports the girls and watches over them from behind! He also makes the best facial expressions during their performances and he dances whilst playing! Boh is the God of Bass and Dance confirmed. ^^

    Kitsune Up!!!

  • #72

    Jackie (Monday, 10 October 2016 23:27)

    My favorite member at the moment is YUIMETAL because I can relate to her. She's shy and reserved, but can be outgoing at times.. (Tomatoーku~~~) My favorite kami band member is BOH. I've never seen anyone play the bass as well as he does. I'm also a fan of his headbanging and bald head

  • #73

    PrinceMetal (Monday, 10 October 2016 23:27)

    My Favorite Baby Metal Member is YUI-METAL!, But it doesn't mean I don't like the SU-METAL and MOA-METAL. Yui is the cutest among the three of them. She is so Cheerful and so good at dancing. :)
    My Twitter:

  • #74

    Riena Azis (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 00:09)

    MoaMetal is my favourite for so many reasons.., among others, Moa has such a lovable personality and she's funny too! - twitter: @riinriena

  • #75

    Rainie (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 02:17)

    I choose moa and hideki because both of them always do a funny thing on stage..look so metal for me lol


  • #76

    Asad Hiz (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 08:22)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Babymetal Newswire!
    Of course, I like all BABYMETAL members. but my favourite is YUIMETAL She's beyond compare! That's it.
    About the Kami band members my favourite is Takayoshi he's absolute badass!
    Email :

  • #77

    Trail of BABYMETAL DEATH (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 11:14)

    There was a concept in the ancient days of Rock called 'frontman'. Hard to explain the difference between a frontman, and a lead vocalist, but a great example would be David Lee Roth from Van Halen.. in my opinion on of the greatest front men of all time.. Freddie Mercury may have been the best.

    BABYMETAL can be seen as one single 'Frontman'. I would venture to say BABYMETAL is the best frontman of all time., The Frontman called BABYMETAL does not have interchangeable parts!

    Having said that, if you force us to choose, without hesitatation I choose Suzuka.. I am not used to crying actual tears, but she makes my eyes well up every time I listen to her, I'm not joking. I truly believe Suzuka Nakamoto is currently the best female rock performer on tour, by far. I also believe after a few more years, she may go down as the best rock performer of all time. She IS Freddy Mercury, David Lee Roth and James Brown rolled into one perfect package. I can't stress how much I believe in her.

    Kami band? I will go against the grain an nominate Yuya Maeta? Sorry, kami band members confuse me, but if this is the gentleman on all my blu-rays, I would say he is the number one reason this music is considered metal-based. He is so calm, and just pounds out those speed-metal rhythms like it's nothing!. AND.. he's somehow brought this style of double-kick macnine gun drums to the masses... that's how well he plays.!

    Honorable mention to Ko-Gami? 158? I so want to hang out with this guy for a day. He's astonishing to me.

    And please folks, remember to love Mikiko. BABYMETAL would not be BABYMETAL without Mikiko. Mikiko may have the most difficult mission assigned by the Fox God. Make these young women look cool and graceful dancing to punishing metal rhythyms. Mikiko nails it EVERY TIME.!

    cheers (I have two FunkoPop sets, and no social media login, just wanted to post this anyway!)

  • #78

    Clarky Adrian (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 11:48)

    Fave BABYMETAL Member: SU-METAL; I loved her voice, her charm, her on-point singing, her total aura. Transcends the concept of "kawaii", if you'll ask me.

    Fave Kami: Takayoshi Ohmura; he's the perfect showman for me, he plays his axe with aggression but at the same time with finesse. I also love his other works at Marty Friedman, Liv Moon, etc.

    Twitter: @clarkyadrian_

  • #79

    Saúl O. Osorio (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 12:32)

    My favorite is Moa because she is the perfect connection between the powerfull metal and kawaii :3

    My favorite Kami is Hideki, basically because I love de drums

  • #80

    Jim Baggott (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 13:09)

    As a musician myself, I admire Su's fearlessness in the way she sings live performances and delivers every move with a purpose which is why she's my favorite. The massive energy between Yui and Moa make them both incredibly entertaining to watch together though and I can't ever imagine this band without all of them!

    Hideki Aoyama is the most impressive drummer I've seen since Buddy Rich, Boh is the most bad ass looking member, and Mikio Fujioka really knows how to shred, but Takayoshi Ohmura is my favorite band member because he was so engaging with the audience in Chicago during his solos that I really felt a connection with the band in a way that I'm eternally thankful for.

  • #81

    RiRay (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 13:54)

    I honestly love all the members of Babymetal but I was asked to choose only one so I chose Su-metal. Her voice is ajfgaskfgasfaljwf ITS SO SOOTHING!! Like you're floating with the clouds up there in the sky while listening to her powerful voice! AND HER STARE! MY GHAD.. It's hard to sing live WHILE dancing but Su-metal nailed it! QUEEN INDEED!

    Favorite Kami Band member is BOH! Lmao he's so cute on stage.. He dances adorably and i find it cute.. CUTE AF!!! /sorry can't handle feelz.

  • #82

    Lee-Metal (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 15:57)

    I really dislike the idea of having a "favorite" when it comes to 3 adorable, talented kids like the Babymetal girls, as they're all likable and talented in their own ways. I guess if I'm forced to pick a favorite, it has to be Su-Metal. I could go on and on about how talented and special Suzuka is. Everything from her attitude, to her confidence, her focus, determination to improve her English speaking, the incredible,, soulful singing voice, timing, stage presence and charisma. Her goofiness is also very endearing, as old Sakura Gakuin videos will show lol but don't let that fool you, because she also comes across super smart and well spoken! Her answers to questions are so well thought out and thorough,. She's just the definition of a 'music star, in every way, and continually improving over time. One to watch in the future, whether it's with or without Babymetal.

    Favorite Kami Band member is also tough, but I gotta go with master BOH :). The man is just superb on bass. He's up there with any of my other favorite bass players, such as Victor Wooten, Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee etc. Plus, he has amazing stage presence and is somehow able to dance around like crazy, whilst perfectly playing along to the song lol. Love all the members though.

    Twitter page:

  • #83

    Arturo (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 18:55)

    Hi there! Arturo from Mexico.
    My favourite BABYMETAL member is Suzuka. The reasons are that she has the most powerful voice of them and can keep it strong through a whole concert! Not many singers can do so. Obviously, she is very pretty, cute and has a very strong personality as well.
    My favourite Kami Band member is BOH, just because he has the best makeup, movements and facial expressions. You really believe he''s nuts. He really get into his character.
    Best regards,

  • #84

    Rodrigo ML (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 20:38)

    Personally I think that the 3 are a fundamental part to BABYMETAL, because without one of them would not be the same, but if i had to choose only one, I was going by Suzuka, since it is a great person in all aspects, very talented and is too beautiful.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • #85

    NoremFukei_Metal (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 22:06)

    My favorite and Yui-chan, but because she and a Goddess!! Even if the BM during the live call she says "Moto Moto". I love this!
    kami band I really liked the Leda

  • #86

    Emil Noviendra (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 22:12)

    Moa-metal is my favorite she look so small and she is kawaii i want to tweak she face

    BOH is my favorite he is awesome dude...he is have a kharisma if he play bass awesome!!!

  • #87

    Lewis Cooke (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 04:42)

    My favourite babymetal member is Yui Mizuno. She's adorable, always smiling and has come so far from her days in sakura gakuin.
    Twitter: @LewisJ_Cooke

  • #88

    Czedrick sorrera (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 07:21)

    It's absolutely hard to choose but my favorite babymetal member is Su-Metal \m/ for real i don't know who's the singer till the moment i visited their music video (megitsune) at the very first scene of su she already took my heart , i was starstrucked, i love her voice and last of al she's unique and one of a kind, a sight for sore eyes

    My favorite kami band member is BOH, should i discuss it or not? Come on, a bass guitarist with 6 strings? Godlike doing right?

    Here's my twitter \m/

  • #89

    ramram (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 08:04)

    sorry im a little biased, yui is definitely the cutest of them all :D

  • #90

    Liran (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 08:05)

    My favorite member is Yuimetal.
    She is very kawaii and you can see shes having fun on stage. She is kind of gentle and cute at the same time which i can relate to.
    I also really love tomatos :)

    fb link:

  • #91

    dimzadhe (Thursday, 13 October 2016 09:52)

    My favorite member is Yuimetal, because Yui is so cute and talented in dancing. Her cuteness is also doubled when she showed her shy reaction.
    My favorite kamiband member is BOH, because he can do bass and dance, also he is an inner image of my favorite manga character which is Saitama. LOL!

  • #92

    feli pizarro (Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:14)

    Moa is my favourite BABYMETAL member! Even though that's a very hard decision to make. Her smile, her happiness, her metal spirit, her love for food, her spontaneity. She's a beautiful girl filled with joy <3

  • #93

    jefferson (Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:22)

    Moa é pura energia, envolvente e alegre, seu sorriso cura tristeza. E takayoshi e puro talento . Vem pra belo horizonte-brasil y love you moa.

  • #94

    Rosi (Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:24)

    Twitter @myoongii

    Moa is my favorite member. Ever since I first got into Babymetal she always grabbed my attention. To me she seems like an extremely hard working and very sweet person. She always brings a smile to my face and I love watching her perform. I love all the girls and I wish them the best of luck in whatever it is they take on, now and in the future. They've taught be that no matter how strange others might think something is, just enjoy yourself rock on!!

  • #95

    Felix Guequierre (Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:25)

    su metal is my favorite because of her vocal power and her energy is contagious! Hideki Aoyama is my favorite member of kamiband. he is a fantastic drummer!

  • #96

    Steven (Thursday, 13 October 2016 23:52)

    My favorite member is YUI !!!
    because she's super adorable lol. Just check out the SG 2010 Nendo Class Test video. When her name is called she jumps out of her seat and gets all giddy. Its the cutest thing ever, man lol
    And favorite kami band member is Takayoshi CAUSE HE FRIKKIN SHREDS!!!!! And he looks super cool too

  • #97

    Izet Fahrezi (Friday, 14 October 2016 00:30)

    I choose YUI because she has amazing and lovely smile and she is the most beautiful member and also YUI like tomato. she always enjoy at the stage. thats why i like YUI
    instagram : @izetfahrezi

  • #98

    Shane-Metal (Friday, 14 October 2016 00:34)

    I do of course like all of the members of BABYMETAL! But since I must choose...

    My favourite BABYMETAL is MOA, she has such great energy and one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen! Whenever she smiles she looks like the happiest person in the world and it makes me feel that kind of happiness too :D

    My favourite KAMI is Takayoshi Ohmura, his guitar skills are just incredible and he gives me a lot of inspiration to practice hard.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this awesome site! :)

  • #99

    Emmanuel Oting (Friday, 14 October 2016 03:42)

    From Babymetal, Yui-Metal hands down & from the KAMI Band, Hideki-san

  • #100

    Johan Keiffer Tulod (Friday, 14 October 2016 10:56)

    Why YUI is my favorite? Because she stole my soul from SU haha that little creature! xD

  • #101

    Steve (Friday, 14 October 2016 13:28)

    MoaMetal is best Metal

    As a fellow drummer I definitely have to pick Hideki. His style/the way he plays is insane! I hope to be half as good as him one day!


  • #102

    Johnny (Friday, 14 October 2016 15:39)

    My favorite member is Yuimetal.
    She is definitely a best mix of a cute idol and a talented dancer. Can't take my eyes away from her!
    My favorite Kami band member is BOH that he is just so good with his bass.