Megumi Okada diary on "Kimura-san" & BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo student Megumi Okada diary about "Kimura-San" Megu's snowman who appeared in a previous diary written by Moa Kikuchi in 2015. Also she talks about seeing BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome with the rest of the 2015 Nendo students. Read the diary translated below. 


Megumi Okada diary about BABYMETAL performances at Tokyo Dome

It's Megumi. It feels as if autumn has really come.

The other day, I did the washing of 'Kimura-san'

If 'Kimura-san' sounds familiar to you, you are really the 'Expert of Sakura Gakuin'. (Laughs)

Kimura-san is a snowman doll of Megu


Only once before, he was mentioned in this diary Moa-chan's! (Read here)

Early in this summer, there was a cute message from Moa-chan on the desk in the dressing room of local students♡


What a surprise! The message was written on a piece of white packing tape. Tsugu was so deeply moved that she made a fuss "OH MY! I MUST touch it!!"


And, all of us Sakura girls went to the Tokyo Dome concert of BABYMETAL.

The staff-teachers told us "Try to learn something from them", but at the very first moment I saw them, I just couldn't hold my tears. They were full of strong will to convey their mind, to let their passion reach to the tens of thousands of audience. In an instance, the atmosphere in the Tokyo Dome changed. It was as if all the 'air' in the Dome was going to be concentrated upon the three ladies of BABYMETAL


I felt a similar sensation at the theater play -- whenever Marina-chan or Hinata-chan appeared on the stage, it looked like the 'air' in the venue run into her. What a strong presence they have!! I know it's impossible to acquire such a presence soon. But, I'm now fully motivated to smile my very best, hand in hand with 12 of current members, so as to take a step closer to the great senpais, 


In this fully motivated mood, I'd like to ask something to my dearest three board members of student council.

When you're going through difficult times or rough times, please let us lower-graders overcome the difficulties together with you. Whatever it is, please don't keep it to yourselves. Young girls are all talented and willing. Megu also is a more capable girl than you expect...*Trust me*.


Oh! I have to confess that the scarf of 'Kimura-san' dropped out because I put him into the washing machine. By the way, Shirai-san, the ordinary JK-Fukei from Niigata didn't remember about 'Kimura-san'. She was making excuses a lot, like "Just the name didn't hit me. I must have recalled if you showed me the photo". (Laughs)


'Kimura-san and Moa-memo!'.

The message reads 'Smile your best〜♡' Moa.


Tsugu couldn't stop touching the message!!

The back view of her is somewhat alike with Megu's?








Diary & Photos by: Megumi Okada 

Translation by: Onji Kobe

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