OK Music: 5 Metal elements that made what BABYMETAL is

BABYMETAL is featured in a new OK Music article about their songs, this time OK Music goes in depth about the the Metal elements that form BABYMETAL featuring comparations with artists like Dragonforce, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Dream Theater and Judas Priest! Full article translated below! 


OK Music article about 5 Metal elements that form BABYMETAL

On the days September 19 and September 20 BABYMETAL held 2 Days of sold out performances at the Tokyo Dome. The fact that cannot be overlooked is that the Japanese metal band has mobilized a total of 110.000 people. The spine of the group are the girls but there is metal music, they were accepted abroad as well, headed to the United Kingdom, and not simply because of metal. Let's step into the unknown world = Heavy Metal in this opportunity. So, here is a twine of the music that made what BABYMETAL is, we want to tease out what are the influence sources and roots. 


01-The Game (2014) - Dragonforce 

BABYMETAL anthem song showcased first at the Tokyo Dome performance the first day is "Road Of Resistance". The guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li (from Dragonforce) have participated in the recording of this song. The origin of this song reflects the overseas experiences. Iron Maiden, Metallica, such bands perform live at studiums-scale, each has an anthem song. It's really a lot of people who sing in comparision with Japan. Even sing the melody of the guitar solo. Songs like this, even would fix in the high speed melodies world of Drangonforce.


02 - The Trooper (1983) - Iron Maiden

In this "Road Of Resistance" connection, we would like to introduce one more song. The three BABYMETAL before to play this song appear with black flags. It's said that the motif of the idea, is Iron Maiden's 9th Single's artwork for The Trooper. The heroic figure of Eddie the band's mascot is advancing holding a British flag. Bruce Dickinson (vocalist) is also wielding a British flag in the lives as well. Iron Maiden is a veteran with a large number of masterpieces, but to say something this one is one of their best among all of them. If you like BABYMETAL cannot avoid this song. 


03 - Set To Fail (2009) - Lamb Of God

From their latest 2nd Album "Metal Resistance" there is a BABYMETAL song called "KARATE", had a major impact as the first series of Music Videos. This year, they also made a US Tour, neither to say that the sound is meaningful for United States. They have been lives in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, but among them in Los Angeles wowed 4000 spectators. This "KARATE" has a great appealing for the Americans, it has the groove of the metal listed by Pantera that revolutionazed the metal scene in the early 90s. It inherited its sound, that has gained popularity in Lamb Of God. Their 5th Album "Wrath" has made a great leap forward in the US Chart being #2, and this song has been recorded exploring the crying child of heavy groove to shut up all demons! By all means if you love "KARATE" you should try it. 


04 - Pull Me Under (1992) - Dream Theater

There is a ridiculous BABYMETAL song called "Tales Of The Destinies" again from their latest 2nd Album "Metal Resistance". When the first heard lost my words to describe the greatness. The genre belongs to the progessive metal, it's Boston's Dream Theater the word that suddenly was spread in the scene. It's romantic for a band the name "Yume Gekijou" (Dream Theater in Japanese), we picked up from the 2nd Album "Images & Words" a song that's a masterpiece. Outstanding performance strenght, dramatic song structure, riding in a beautiful melody, the high quality of this progressive metal even captivates the non-like metal music. If you like "Tales Of The Destinies", we recommend that you hit the doors of "Dream Theater" first and foremost. 


05 - Painkiller (1990) - Judas Priest

Talking about astonished affairs, this is the one. BABYMETAL co-starred with Judas Priest frontman Metal God Rob Halford a performance in Ohio, United States for "Alternative Press Music Awards". Since Su-Metal and Rob sang this song was expected a high tone vocal confrotation. It was like a dream. Well, metal bands around the world must be thinking about this drooling envy. This song is often the climax in the live metal numbers of Priest. We want you to check the complete works of the Metal God in this opportunity. Not only this masterpiece DEATH!! 




Article by: OK Music

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

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